Ultimo and Jacqueline Luna, birthday kiss for Heather Parisi's daughter

Ultimo and Jacqueline Luna, birthday kiss for Heather Parisi's daughter

Jacqueline Luna, daughter of Heather Parisi, turned 21 and decided to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend: the singer Ultimo

Heather Parisi, daughter Jacqueline is splendid: the resemblance is striking

It is now official: love has broken out between Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, second child of showgirl Heather Parisi, and the singer Ultimo, born Niccolò Moriconi. Happy and close-knit, they came out and showed themselves together through their social channels making everyone dream with their story. And, together, they also celebrated an important event.

A relationship, that between Jacqueline Luna and Ultimo, which would seem to be highly romantic. After some clues, immediately noticed by their fans, the two decided to make their story public through social media with photos and videos that portray kisses on the beach, romantic boat rides, hugs, huge smiles, deep harmony and love songs. . And, the sweetness, certainly could not miss on a very special date: the twenty-first birthday of Heather's daughter and her ex-partner Giovanni di Giacomo.

Jacqueline Luna, who was born on March 10, 2000, as it is easy to imagine, decided to spend and celebrate the special day with Ultimo. No big party, given the difficult period the world is going through due to the health emergency, the two have fallen back on blowing out the candles only with very few close friends and sharing the bare minimum with their followers. They are, in fact, extremely reserved and have always tried to keep away from gossip and gossip.

The girl, thus, to satisfy those who support her and those who believe in this new couple, published a stolen shot, again through stories on Instagram. And the photo is very sweet: she who, in front of a very small cake, kisses her Last. The two, who have shown that they have fun together and share a sense of irony, appear happier than ever.

No public wishes, however, from the mother Heather Parisi, who currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband Umberto Maria Anzolin, with whom she had her last two children: the twins Elizabeth Jaded and Dylan Maria. The relationship between the two, in fact, does not seem to be exactly serene. In the past, Jacqueline Luna indulged in statements on social media that hinted that there was some tension and distance between the two.

Will Jacqueline Luna and Ultimo give away other images of their splendid love or will they decide to live with great privacy?

The Instagram stories of Jacqueline Luna

The Instagram stories of Jacqueline Luna with Ultimo

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