Un Posto al Sole, two positive actors at Covid: stop shooting

Ilenia Lazzarin

Two actors of the cast of the well-known Rai 3 soap opera "Un Posto al Sole" tested positive for the swab

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

The set of A Place in the Sun – the popular soap opera broadcast on Rai 3 – closed temporarily: shooting will suffer a break for a few days, apparently until Monday. The reason is soon said: two actors of the fiction tested positive at Covid.

The news was spread by Fanpage.it: of course it is immediately taken to the protocol, with the trust insulation for all contacts, closing and sanitizing of all sets of Via Marconi, supplemented by a few hours.

The two actors – of which were not disclosed the names – are positive results to the Coronavirus after a quick test, and awaiting the molecular response, were placed in isolation. Meanwhile, not to jam the organizers, it was summoned for Monday already a different group of actors, than expected in the last hours by producers and screenwriters.

Un Posto al Sole, the great successful soap of the flagship network, stopped only during the first wave of Coronavirus in Italy, causing a historic interruption of the airing of unreleased episodes from 7 April to 10 July 2020. To the delight of fans instead this brief interruption of the fiction will have no repercussions for future programming.

Recently, the Neapolitan soap said goodbye to one of its historical faces: Nina Soldano left Un posto al Sole after 17 years. In fact, the actress has been playing the iconic character of Marina Addezio Giordano since 2003.

From what the actress said, the choice would be due to the production. Nina Soldano had commented on the affair company, and his words have left no room for doubt: "The Marina release was not my choice – he commented -. If Marina will come back and when I still don't know this, the only certainty is her departure. Thanks for the esteem, affection and a lot of love, they do nothing but fill my heart with joy. I love you".

His exit from the scene created great discontent among viewers, so much so that he had to specify the reasons on Instagram. The soap had already lost another of its most beloved characters: after 16 years in 2019 Davide Devenuto said goodbye to Un Posto al Sole. On the set he had met his current partner, Serena Rossi, engaged today with the show Canzone Segreta.

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