Undecided on which costume to pack? Here are the must-have models

Costumi estate da avere 2-8-22.

Passed or not, the swimsuit test in August is done by the models of bikinis and whole variants that we decide to pack. Whether it’s a weekend or you’re leaving for the second week of vacation, let’s see the must-haves of summer 2022.

Skimpy, to be worn “upside down”, colored, solid color, with fringes or flashy sequins. Swimwear fashion really offers a bit of everything but the focus is on those who are popular among the young influencers of the web and among the Italian stars of the entertainment world.

Summer costumes to have 2-8-22.

Source: Canva.

Let’s find out which swimwear to aim for to have the maximum yield with the minimum effort (following our tips is very easy).

Costumes that have to be packed in August to capture the sun and gazes

The first bikini consists of a classic triangle with briefs but very high-cut and has the jungle print.

Black costume with 2-8-22 band.

Source: Pinterest.

Contrary to the usual zebra and macular, this time the real protagonist is the flora so here are colorful leaves and realistic curls that complete it all. Pin-up Stars he created a green one padded with recycled lycra. It costs 145 euros on the official website of the brand.

The nineties they continue to dominate and they do so also through the cut-out cuts of the whole models. The blue model of Candypants (currently discounted at € 31.50 on Asos) with basic thin straps, it has an oval that leaves part of the right chest and back uncovered. A must have but for the color it is better to check your complexion before purchasing.

Super cool too the bikini made in bra, yes, with underwire, similar seams and space between the cups. No hooks for the (classic) bow closure on the back. The fact of being able to find it in antique pink, in wisteria color or in a pale cream decorated with wild flowers makes it perhaps “too intimate” so better opt for a midnight blue, an oil or a basic black that never disappoints. With Tezenis the investment will be minimal (14.99 euros) and you can wear this romantic alternative for the beach.

Water green one-piece swimsuit 2-8-22

Source: Pinterest.

While last spring – summer jewel belts were in fashion, this time the belt is an integral part of the costume itself. We have an example with Oysho, a brand famous not only for pajamas and nightgowns but also for modeling swimwear. Or, staying on an affordable budget, there is Shein with the mint green triangle bikini with xxl ribbons. It goes without saying that success is assured but it is better to have a belly suitable for being “tied up”. It costs only 7 euros.

As an outfit for the sea, let’s remember that everything goes well with linen, any costume among those seen today with a shirt in this fabric or a monochrome casual dress will look great. The next step? Choose the most suitable for us and run to pack!

Silvia Zanchi

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