Understanding equivalences with the interactive equivalence bar

Understanding equivalences with the interactive equivalence bar

How to learn to make equivalences without getting confused between zeros to add and commas to move? With the interactive equivalence bar.

How to learn to make equivalences without getting confused between zeros to add and commas to move?

The interactive equivalence bar is a simple and intuitive tool that guides you step by step in the transformation from one unit of measurement to another.

The equivalence bar for length, mass and capacity measurements

Making an equivalence means switching from one unit of measurement to another without changing the amount of length, mass or capacity considered. This procedure, however, can be complex for a child or a young person, especially if they have difficulty in reasoning with numbers.

The equivalence bar was designed by Redooc in collaboration with Giacomo Stella, creator and scientific manager of the SOS Dyslexia centers. The equivalence bar transforms all these mental operations into concrete steps to be carried out through a drag & drop exercise. First you need to drag the number to the starting unit of measurement box; then the necessary zeros are added and finally the comma is moved. All with immediate feedback and the ability to retry up to three times before the system comes to our aid.

Exercises with the equivalence bar

There are two types of exercises proposed with the equivalence bar:

  • assisted exercise that facilitates the transition from smaller units of measurement to larger units of measurement, allowing the user to directly place zero on the target measurement box by skipping the intermediate steps;
  • standard version that asks the user to proceed one step at a time, entering one by one all the zeros necessary to arrive at the arrival unit of measurement.

The equivalence bar is available for measures of length, from millimeters to kilometers, capacity, from milliliters to hectoliters, and mass: for this size there is a bar ranging from milligrams to kilograms and another with units of measurement larger, up to tons.

A compensatory tool for students with SLD and beyond

The equivalence bar is a useful tool for all children and young people struggling with equivalences and, thanks to the simplicity of the instructions, available both written and in audio, it can also be used as a support for students with SLD.

It is available both in the Primary section, for pupils who for the first time are confronted with equivalences, and in the Averages section for review and recovery in the case of students with greater difficulties.

To learn more read here and also discover the Line of numbers for addition and subtraction and the Multiplication table for multiplications and divisions.

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