Unforgivable mistakes not to make with coffee: only in this way can you enjoy it at its best!

By committing these unforgivable mistakes with coffee we will not be able to enjoy it at its best: here is everything not to do.

The coffee is one of the most popular drinks consumed by Italians, but not only. There are those who prefer the espresso from the bar, those who prepare it at home and those who are still tied to the old moka.

coffee errors

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Any excuse is good for drinking coffee: in the morning to wake up, after meals as a digestive, or for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break. In short, any time of day you can have a coffee.

The only caution is do not abuse it or do not take it in the evening if you suffer from insomnia. However, many commit unforgivable mistakes both in preparation and conservation. Let’s find out then what not to do to enjoy coffee at its best.

Here are the mistakes not to make with coffee

Prepare a good coffee for many is a true art. That is why it is necessary not to make mistakes by committing mistakes during its preparation. For example by choosing the right blend, in fact not all are appreciated in the same way.

coffee errors

Source: Canva

Here you can get to know the trick to make a creamy coffee with mocha. So let’s find out what are the mistakes not to make when preparing coffee.

1) Wash the mocha with soap. If you prepare coffee with the mocha then you will not have to wash the machine with dish soap, even worse is putting it in the dishwasher. If on the one hand you must not use soap at all, on the other hand we must wash it to eliminate the greasy and oily residues released by the coffee in the long run. Just hot water and a brush will be enough to remove this dirt and also any limescale that may form.

2) Thinking that the taste of coffee is necessarily bitter. Many think this by making a mistake. To be good coffee must have a soft and velvety taste, if it is excessively roasted it could become so. Here you also discover the mistake for not making it bitter.

3) Store the coffee in the refrigerator. Many think that coffee should be stored in the refrigerator making a mistake. In fact, its aroma is kept in a cool but dry place away from humidity, therefore, which is instead found in the fridge. Even better if sheltered from light too. It should also be kept in an airtight container.

4) Do not mix the coffee. While it may seem a trivial operation, it is essential when preparing coffee with the mocha, and not with the electric machine, that is, turn the coffee before serving it. If we serve it as soon as it comes out of the mocha, we are wrong because the coffee is not perfectly homogeneous. There is a thicker part and a more watery part. So only by mixing it will we get the right consistency and intensity.

5) Drink water after coffee. If the coffee is good, the water should be drunk first to clean the mouth so as to welcome this tasty drink. If, on the other hand, after the coffee we need water, it means that probably the coffee drunk was not the best.

6) Drink it after the deadline. Coffee is not a product that spoils so easily. However, although it can be consumed a few months after its expiration date, we could run into a coffee with a less good taste as it will probably have lost some of its aroma.