Universal diet: foods that prolong life

Universal diet: foods that prolong life

Fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts: the universal diet aims to reduce disease, and to extend the life of everyone.

The 9 high-fiber foods for a healthy diet

Can a diet lengthen life and – at the same time – save the planet? It would seem so, at least to read the "dictates" of the universal diet.

It is not really a complicated dietary regime to follow. It is a matter of adopting the common rules of common sense, of putting into practice what nutritionists and doctors have been suggesting to us for years: to double the consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts, reducing at the same time (or rather halving) those of red meat and sugars.

A "diet" of this type produces immense benefits: all those nutrients rich in antioxidants, which protect our heart, have anti-tumor properties, are favored, prevent the appearance of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, increasing levels of good cholesterol and acting as " scavengers ”of our organisimo. But there is more: the term "universal" refers to the action that this regime has (also) on the planet. By reducing consumption of red meat and sugar by half by 2050, our planet will be safe. The goal of the universal diet is indeed decidedly ambitious: to define a global diet, which is sustainable for the 10 billion men who will inhabit the Earth in 2050 and who avoid the high mortality linked to wrong eating habits. By privileging the consumption of fruit and vegetables, and following the dictates of the Mediterranean diet (from which the universal diet takes great inspiration), the heart and organs are protected. You can live longer but, above all, you can live better.

What does the universal diet include? The intake of 2,000 / 2,500 kilocalories per day (so it is certainly not a restrictive regime, since it does not aim to lose weight), thus distributed: just over 200 grams of cereals (strictly whole grains), 500 grams of fruit and vegetables, 250 grams of dairy products. And, for seasoning, only extra virgin olive oil or canola oil. Every day you will have to consume 50 grams of walnuts and 75 of legumes and – optionally – a portion of fish, an egg or a slice of meat (preferably chicken). The sugars are very limited, of which only 30 grams per day are allowed. The promise? A healthier heart, a more active brain. And a planet except.

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