University enrollments: the inclusive proposal of the University of Bergamo

University enrollments: the inclusive proposal of the University of Bergamo

The reasons for choosing a student-friendly university for your educational path

The maturity has begun and as students prepare to face the only oral test scheduled for this year, a question arises that besets many students and parents: what to do after high school? The University of Bergamo, located in the productive heart of our country, is ready to welcome new students for the next academic year.

The University that does your best

The University of Bergamo is a reality that stands out for numerous aspects that allow it to guarantee a working future for its members. For the 2020-2021 academic year, the university has chosen as its motto "The university that does your best" to underline its commitment to training capable of ensuring a satisfactory working future consistent with the course of study undertaken. Among the elements that lead, every year, many graduates to choose UniBg as a natural continuation of their path and as a basis for their entry into the world of work are numerous. Let's see some of them.

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University of Bergamo has remained faithful to its values ​​over the years, without stiffening on its positions and keeping a watchful eye towards the evolution of the labor market. Using a metaphor, it could be said that the university reflects the values ​​of the Bergamo city, which on the one hand relies on its solid walls and on the other proves to be flexible and concrete in gathering the many stimuli of current affairs.
Precisely for this reason Unibg is much loved by students and alumni who remember it not only as a valid university course, but as a school of life.

Rooted on the territory with an international breath

The identity of the University of Bergamo is reflected in that of the city, located in one of the main production centers in our country. The position guarantees the university an extraordinary proximity to local companies with which it establishes interesting partnerships and collaborations for students. Alongside these kinds of collaborations, the university, through the Placement office, has activated important agreements with companies from Milan, Monza and nearby cities to guarantee its students a complete and concretely experiential as well as theoretical training path. In addition, the University of Bergamo offers numerous opportunities with an international scope to its students, thus contributing to a cosmopolitan education and an open and ready-to-change mental form.


Unlike other nearby universities, the University of Bergamo stands out for being an environment designed to be suitable for the students it hosts. The location of the locations ensures that pupils can live city life which is closely linked to that of the university itself. A "medium" sized university, ideal for all freshmen who can attend courses and easily fit into the reality of a prestigious university, without having to deal with too dispersed environments.

Support for the most deserving students

For the University of Bergamo it is essential that all students have access to the training courses and, precisely for this reason, it has established the "TOP 10 Student Program" for years: the aim of the project is to totally or partially exempt from paying taxes university students considered deserving and who meet certain requirements. To access this facility – a real flagship of the Unibg – it is not necessary to submit any application, since it is paid ex officio by the Student Secretariat without the families or students themselves having to waste time in red tape .

Humanly digital

The health emergency has shown how the University of Bergamo has been able to adapt once again to the changes, often sudden, that a digitized society imposes. A few days after the closing of the University (which took place promptly in Bergamo to protect the health and safety of students, professions and staff) over 98% of online courses were activated with an excellent degree of satisfaction (94% of students expressed a positive opinion on the courses provided online) by those who attended them remotely; in the following weeks 100% of the courses were brought to the platform. The teaching did not stop and on the contrary it drew new lifeblood and momentum from this situation, taking the challenge with proactivity and determination.

The University of Bergamo has achieved over two years in advance the objectives of pre-established students, proving capable of welcoming a growing number of students without lowering the quality standards in terms of teaching and without worsening the experience of the students who live the university period . To ensure adequate services and infrastructures, a selective entrance test has been introduced which young people must undergo in order to undertake their academic experience at the University of Bergamo: registration is open!

In collaboration with the University of Bergamo

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