Use geometry to measure the Earth

Geometry is the nightmare of parents and many students, that's how to teach it to kids and children in a simple and fun way.

Geometry is the nightmare of many parents who do not know how to make a subject that is often incomprehensible and boring for boys and children. In reality this matter is not as difficult as it seems, especially if we can look at it from the right angle.

For example, did you know that the word "geometry" comes from the Greek and means "measure of the earth". The reason is very simple, it was used in 200 BC from Eratosthenes to measure the circumference of our planet. The geographer, astronomer and mathematician succeeded in this enterprise by simply using the logic and mathematical skills of the time. In fact, the scholar knew that the Earth is round and that the rays of the Sun reach it following parallel lines. Starting from this assumption he observed the different slope of the rays during the summer solstice in Alexandria of Egypt and in the city of Siena.

He then calculated the distance between the two cities and in this way succeeded in creating a proportion, calculating the length of the earth's circumference. According to Eratosthenes our Earth has a total length of 40,500 km and, incredibly, according to the data of modern astronomers the circumference of our planet is 40,075 km. Sounds incredible, right?

This simple story, so fascinating and extraordinary, can be the key to opening your child's mind and helping him discover mathematics in a new way. Only in this way will he become passionate about a subject that will be useful not only in school, but also in everyday life.

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