Use the tricks of the chefs and your apple pie will be just perfect

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There are some tricks suggested by the chefs that can make your apple pie a unique and very special cake.

Apple pie, despite being a typically American dessert, has become increasingly popular in recent years among those that you love to prepare both for yourself and for your family. Its particularity, as well as its sweet and intense apple flavor, has made it more and more desired. To prepare it properly, however, you often need some small tricks that cannot be achieved by yourself and easily.

apple pie tricks

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Fortunately, once you have acquired the right knowledge, making a perfect one will be much easier and will lead to being able to enjoy the dessert that is often seen through movies and TV series without any effort. What matters is to treasure the advice of the chefs.

The tricks to make a perfect apple pie

If you are a lover of sweets, for sure you have already tried your hand at preparing apple pie (by the way, do you already know the light version of this recipe?). A dessert that is simply unique in both appearance and taste, but which can often be difficult to make. If you too have found yourself having to deal with unappetizing results, you are in the right place.

apple pie tricks

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Today, in fact, we will reveal some of the tricks suggested by the chefs and thanks to which you can finally count on the cake you have always dreamed of and which, needless to say, will conquer all those with whom you choose to share it.

Take your time

Let’s start with the basics. Apple pie is a long preparation cake. And this means that it is not among the desserts that are improvised. Often, in fact, the worst results are given precisely by haste. To make one that is beautiful and good you will therefore have to take all the time you need, without looking for shortcuts and paying attention to each step. A good organization is everything in these cases!

Choose apples carefully

The main ingredient of this cake is obviously apples. And these deserve all possible care. The tricks for the perfect dessert are those of choose them of quality (preferably organic), ripe at the right point (they must be very sweet) and of different varieties. Monotony is not made for this cake and only different apples can offer the right mix of flavors.

Going to the qualities you can wander but remembering that the most suitable are usually Fuji, Golden Delicious and Granny. Once this is done, just remember to use lemon to avoid oxidation and to cook the apples before baking and this step will also be completed in the right way.

Abounding with spices is one of the tricks for apple pie

We talked about aromas and it is fair to point out that a good apple pie also needs many spices. Obviously, you will need those that go well with apples and which are cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and, of course, vanilla.
Mixing them well together is one of the most important secrets for making this cake. Therefore, take the time you need to test but never skip this step.

Let the pasta cool well

Even the brisee pasta must be treated and prepared well in advance as it must be very cold before being baked. Once this step is done just fill the cake properly and bake it to get the apple pie of your dreams.

Engrave the cake

One of the final tricks concerns the engraving of the cake that is often forgotten or that is thought to be made by itself or at the end of cooking. Instead, each cut must be done first in order to evaporate any air and prevent the dough from becoming soft or cracking. The incisions will therefore have to be decided and as soon as hinted at. After all, every apple pie can be recognized by these, right?

Now that you know the chefs’ tricks for your perfect apple pie, all you have to do is make one and surprise everyone (and even yourself), with a flavor that will be unique and more enjoyable than ever. And all for a cake that you will love to the point of making it one of your favorites as well as the ones you do best.

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