Use these natural ingredients to say goodbye to stains on your clothes

If you want to remove stains from your clothes without detergents, using only natural ingredients, here are some remedies that can be right for you.

Because spend money – also polluting the planet moreover – buying stain removers and detergents, when can we clean the stains from our clothes in a natural way?

remove stains from garments

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Well yes, on the market there are an infinite number of products that promise to remove all traces forever anything that has dirtied it. In reality, these can often be even harmful in the long run: the chemicals they contain are toxic, so they could harm the tissues after several uses.

Here then some natural ingredients come to our rescue. However, there are some clarifications to be made.

First of all, regardless of what we use, the key is always timing: our stained garments must be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will be much more difficult.

Then a secret it can be moisten the stains, doing a pre-treatment with Marseille soap, which will have to act for several hours before the garment is ready to be washed.

Furthermore the water temperature is essential: it is always preferable to use it cold, because the hot one could make some stains (such as milk stains) penetrate even more into the fabrics. The latter is preferable only to combat oily stains (such as those of butter for example), or on fabrics composed of artificial fibers such as polyester.

Having said that, how can we remove stains from our clothes using only natural products? Here’s how it’s done.

Here’s how to remove stains from your clothes using natural products

Stain removal from our garments using natural products it is a first step towards safeguarding the environment.

remove stains from garments

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It must be said, however, that each stain is separate, therefore it should be eliminated with different ingredients.

There is though the recipe for a universal spray, which can therefore be used against most stains. To get it you will need it 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 50 g of sodium bicarbonate and 100 ml of water.

You simply have to mix all the ingredients and put them in a bottle equipped with a nebulizer, then spray everything, let it act for a few minutes and remove with a damp cloth.

Having said that, how can we instead remove some specific stains, known to be the hardest to die?

Let’s start with the first, perhaps the most frequent and the most difficult to deal with: that of wine. How to eliminate it? It depends on the fabric, but in principle the remedies can be sparkling water, fine salt, lemon juice (these will be fine for the less “double” ones).

If, on the other hand, a satin or silk garment is dirty, it is better to sprinkle it with salt, leave it to act for a whole night and then rinse everything with warm water and vinegar.

Let’s move on instead to that of coffee, probably just as difficult to remove. To get rid of it we need a piece of white bread, to apply on top and always move in a circular direction, so that it can absorb the stain.

Specifically, if a cotton garment is stained, we can pass vinegar or salt mixed with lemon juice over it. However, both must act for about an hour before normal washing.

If, on the other hand, it is made of silk or wool, you can proceed with a pre-wash with a mixture of water and alcohol (at 90 ° C).

And again, another difficult product to take off is the oil. What can we use to eliminate it? The talcum powder, but if the stain is fresh, it would be advisable to first pass over the absorbent paper, being careful to dab and not rub. In any case, the talcum powder must act for at least 8 hours before it can then act.

How do you eliminate the chocolate instead? Just use an ice cube, to be rubbed with circular movements.

There is also another remedy for particularly stubborn stains and here is our guide to find out which one it is.

In short, there are alternatives to detergents, just look for them.