Useful exercises to fight and firm the inner thigh

Useful exercises to fight and firm the inner thigh

The inner thigh is a complex area to firm up, but it is possible to do it with targeted exercises: find out which ones are the most effective to try

Every year the costume fitting strikes many women (and men) as a crucial moment, to be met preferably after a path of getting back into shape. Many are regularly faced with imperfections neglected throughout the year and, as the moment approaches to show off a bikini, wondering, for example, how to firm up the inner thigh. The inner thigh is an area that unfortunately represents a problem for many women: it is one of the parts of the body where it is difficult to fight the accumulation of fat, since the adductors – the muscles inside the thighs – are not very stressed in daily life and the tissues risk relaxing with great ease.

In fact, counteracting relaxation in the inner thighs is very simple through the classic combination of constant physical activity and a healthy and proper diet. Thinning the legs and toning a flaccid inner thigh is not impossible, just follow a specific and targeted training program to significantly improve the situation in a few weeks, also with the help of a correct diet (avoiding junk food), with regular hydration and, for those who can and want, with some massage.


  • Inner thigh to be firmed: remedies
  • Firming the inner thigh: final tips

Inner thigh to be firmed: remedies

As for physical activity, it is sufficient to dedicate yourself for at least 10 minutes every day (or at least three times a week) to easy inner thigh exercises, of low difficulty and also suitable for fitness newbies. Among the various exercises suggested by the best personal trainers to firm the inner thigh, we have selected the best 10 that can be performed comfortably even at home. In fact, to perform these inner thigh exercises, a mat, anklets, a ball and an elastic band are enough. The recommended daily training program includes 3 different exercises each day, to be performed for 45 seconds for a total of three times each, interspersing each set with a minute of rest. Let's now discover together the best 10 exercises to firm the inner thigh.

Inner thigh lift

It is a classic exercise proposed by Pilates courses, a low-impact movement that acts directly on the inside of the thighs. Although it sounds very simple, this exercise actually requires a lot of concentration and control.


  • lie down on your right side and make sure your head, hips and heels are aligned;
  • place the fingertips of the left hand in front of the body to stabilize;
  • bend the left leg over the right so that the left foot is on the floor;
  • keeping the right leg well stretched, lift it a few centimeters and then lower it, without touching the floor;
  • once the repetitions are finished, repeat the exercise on the other side and with the other leg.

Pushes with the heels

According to the best fitness experts, this exercise not only helps eliminate loose skin on the inner thigh, but also tones the buttocks and even the abdominals.


  • lie down on your side and make sure your head, hips and heels are aligned;
  • place the fingertips on the floor to stabilize the body or raise the upper arm to the ceiling;
  • stretch the abs and buttocks, bring the heels together and externally rotate the toes;
  • lift both legs off the ground a few centimeters, hold the position for 10 seconds, then release.
  • repeat on the other side.

Squat Plié

It is a variation of the classic squat movement, designed to increase the range of motion of the hips while also strengthening the legs, flaccid inner thigh and calves.


  • spread the legs while keeping the feet rotated outwards;
  • bend the legs keeping the spine straight and contracting the abdominals while performing the lunge. The knees should be directly above the ankles at the end of the lunge;
  • contract the buttocks while returning to the original position, straightening the knees.

Lateral squat walk

In addition to being one of the best inner thigh exercises, the side walk in the squat position also allows you to intensely train the buttocks. To increase the intensity of the exercise, elastic bands can be used, which require greater control and concentration.


  • place any elastic band around the ankles or lower thighs, at the height of the knees;
  • keep upright, with feet hip-width apart;
  • keeping the spine and chest straight, push the buttocks back and assume the squat position;
  • remaining in the squat position, take 10 steps to the right and 10 steps to the left very carefully, trying to keep the elastic tightly stretched.

Lateral lunge

Lateral lunges are very important to solve the problem of loose skin on the inner thigh. Normally, in fact, we are used to moving back and forth, while lateral movements are practically non-existent, but they can help a lot to tone and sculpt the thighs.


  • assume an upright position, with the feet at the height of the hips and the arms extended along the body;
  • keeping the chest straight, widen the right foot as much as possible;
  • push the buttocks back and sink to the side;
  • contract the buttocks to return to an upright position;
  • repeat on the opposite side.

Lunge "of reverence"

This lunge variant helps stabilize the hips, as well as strengthening and toning both the buttocks and the inner thigh. This exercise can also be performed using dumbbells, but it is advisable to master the movement perfectly before adding more weights.


  • assume an upright position, with the feet at the height of the hips and the arms extended along the body;
  • keeping the chest straight, move the right foot to lunge behind the left leg;
  • perform the lunge reaching with the knee a few centimeters above the ground;
  • slowly resume standing and repeat on the opposite side.

Pressures on the ball

Although this exercise may seem old school, it is actually very good and is still recommended today by the best personal trainers to tone a relaxed inner thigh.


  • assume an upright position, with the feet level with the hips;
  • place the exercise ball between the thighs;
  • push the buttocks back to assume the high squat position;
  • squeeze the ball for 10 seconds between the thighs, then relax and repeat.

If you encounter excessive difficulties in performing this exercise in the high squat position, you can also sit down. The important thing is to contract the buttocks and thighs, keeping the belly inward so as to work the pelvic floor, abdomen and adductors.


It is a specific exercise for the inner thigh and its effectiveness can be further increased with the use of an elastic band, a comfortable and effective option to make both the inner thigh and the buttocks work hard.


  • lie down on your side and make sure your head, hips and heels are aligned;
  • place the fingertips on the floor to stabilize the body;
  • bend the knees at a 90 ° angle;
  • keeping the feet together, perform a series of shell-like openings with the knees moving away and the feet remaining together (hence the English term clamshell, which means shell);
  • repeat the exercise lying on the other side.

Kickback buttocks

Typically recommended for toning the buttocks, this exercise is actually also excellent for toning the inner thighs, working all the small supporting muscles in the legs. Again, you can increase the intensity of muscle work by using an elastic band, to be placed around the ankles or lower thighs, just above the knees.


  • assume an upright position, with the feet level with the hips;
  • lean against a wall or a sturdy chair to maintain balance;
  • contract your abs and buttocks and keep your back straight;
  • keep the right leg straight and "kick" backwards, then slowly lower the leg until it touches the floor;
  • complete the series of repetitions and perform the exercise with the left leg.

Hip bridge

The bridge is a classic dynamic training exercise on the ground that tones the buttocks, lower back and, of course, the hamstring muscles of the inner thigh. It can be performed in different variations, free body, with additional weights or with an elastic band, and also serves to improve the stability of joints such as the hips and knees.


  • lie down on your back, keeping your legs as wide as your hips;
  • bend the knees so that the soles of the feet completely touch the floor;
  • keep your arms extended at your sides and shoulders resting on the floor;
  • push on the heels and raise the pelvis as much as possible, spreading the knees;
  • slowly resume the starting position and repeat.

Firming the inner thigh: final tips

Commitment and perseverance are the key words to solve the problem of loose skin on the inner thigh and to have perfect legs all year round, not just in summer. Performing the inner thigh exercises regularly allows you to achieve satisfactory results even in the short term. In addition to physical activity, other aspects should not be neglected: the loss of tone of the inner thigh can be caused by various factors including advancing age, pregnancy or significant weight loss. It is therefore also important to follow a low-calorie diet, rich in proteins (meat, fish, eggs, legumes), drink plenty of water and practice sports such as cycling, running or swimming, which make the adductors work, in addition to performing specific exercises. for the inner thigh, so as to have it toned in a short time, also streamlining the other areas of the legs, hips and buttocks.

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