Useful tips for drawing eyebrows

Useful tips for drawing eyebrows

Do you want to know how to draw the eyebrows in order to obtain a strong and well defined look? Here is the guide to perfect eyebrows

Drawing the eyebrows helps to have a perfect and detailed make-up. The eyebrows can in fact make the look immediately more decisive and be the icing on the cake of an original and well done make-up. Taking care of the eyebrows is also essential to better frame the look and make the face more harmonious and symmetrical. The importance of how to draw eyebrows is also demonstrated by the numerous fashions that in the past and still today see this facial feature that is always different. Thin, tattooed, natural, thick or made up: whatever the trend, eyebrows are always a visual element to take care of and to pay attention to. Among the benefits of treating and defining the eyebrows are the growth of the upper arch of the eye, the greater expressiveness of the face and the harmony of the gaze.

The ways to draw eyebrows

Before understanding how to draw eyebrows, it is essential to understand which shape is best suited to your face. In fact, there are many shapes of eyebrows that I can change in terms of subtlety and shape. Among the best known are the following.

  • Gull-wing or angled eyebrows: so called for the famous wing shape that consists of a thicker area and then a thinner one towards the end of the eye. This last section composes a sharp angle that creates a definite distinction between the thickest and the thinnest area. This eyebrow shape is suitable for square faces as they have a lengthening effect;
  • Soft Angled Eyebrows: They can be considered a sub-category of gullwing eyebrows. In this case, however, the distinction between the two areas is less pronounced and the angle is less clear. The result of this cut is slightly more natural and suitable for round faces that do not require an elongating effect like square ones but still need to taper the features;
  • Straight or long eyebrows: a shape that plans to create an imperceptible arch, almost a straight line. This type of shape is ideal for those who have an elongated face and want to round it;
  • Rounded eyebrows: they are the most natural ones, which do not have a strong arch like the gull wing one and which preserved the natural care. Faces with angular, oval or heart features are ideal for this shape.

How to draw eyebrows step by step

How to draw the eyebrows? It can be very useful to use the 3-point technique, a way to identify the natural shape of the eyebrows and accentuate it, making the look more decisive. To find the right shape you need to comb the eyebrows well towards each other, cutting any longer hairs already at this stage. To draw the eyebrows it is therefore necessary to calculate the perfect shape, marking some fundamental points with the pencil. By placing the pencil vertically, you need to make a mark where in the morning it is level with the eyebrows. This sign will in fact be the point where the eyebrows must start, if there are hairs inside towards the nose they must be removed. The second step requires the pencil to be placed on the tip of the nose and then tilted through the pupil, making sure that the gaze is straight.

Also in this case the point where the pencil and the eyebrows meet will instead be the line where the eyebrows begin and finally moving the pencil outside the eye where they will end. After having regularized the shape, you can begin to draw the eyebrows with a pencil: it will be sufficient to follow these indications to outline the contour and shape of the eyebrow. The important thing is that first the eyebrows are combed through a special brush or a comb, then proceed with the coloring. The color to be used to define the eyebrows must be the same as the natural one, at most slightly lighter, in order to avoid an unnatural effect. The coloring must serve to bring out the natural shape and possibly cover some holes, not to excessively accentuate the eyebrows.

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