Uses and benefits of Epsom salt, the mineral that comes from Great Britain

Uses and benefits of Epsom salt, the mineral that comes from Great Britain

What is Epsom salt and what is it for? This mineral is becoming widespread, and many people have discovered the benefits

Lately we have heard a lot about Epsom salt: but what is this surprising mineral and what is it for? Here is a clue: it is not used for cooking!

More and more people have recently started to use Epsom salt, a mineral found in nature that has various beneficial effects for personal care, plants and even for the home. Originating from Epsom, a town located in Great Britain, this salt (also known as "bitter") is nothing but magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, and originates from the deposits of rock salt that accumulate in the limestone regions. Obviously it is also possible to reproduce it artificially, and on the market there are already several products available for immediate use according to needs.

If the first thing that came to your mind when thinking about Epsom salt is that you can use it for cooking, the answer is "no": this mineral has many uses, but none of them are suitable for food. So what is it for? Let's start with us, that is, by personal care: it is excellent for hair! Combined with four liters of water and lemon juice, it will make them more shiny and voluminous (let the mixture rest for at least a day before using it). Two tablespoons of this salt with very little water instead turn into an excellent body scrub, which will eliminate dead cells and make your skin smooth and smooth. It is also an excellent natural remedy for sunburn, insect bites and constipation: in fact, if ingested in a little water, it causes a laxative effect.

Epsom salt can also become a household cleaner and allows you to eliminate limescale that accumulates especially in the washbasins of the bathroom and kitchen. You can say goodbye to the chemicals you use daily to keep your home immaculate, and use this gentle and effective remedy for cleaning.

Those who have a garden know how annoying the insects and weeds that infest it are, and often they also use very aggressive products to ensure that the problem is eliminated at the root. However, it has long been discovered that Epsom salt is a natural pesticide if sprayed with a little water on the affected areas. In short, this mineral is not only a marvelous fertilizer, but also a precious ally to solve the many problems related to the house and its exterior: what are you waiting for to get some?

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