Vaccinations for children, we respect the times

Vaccinations for children, we respect the times

It is imperative that children receive the vaccinations indicated in the Calendar for Life at the right time

The vaccination centers are operating at full capacity, after some difficult periods in the first wave of Covid-19. And it is essential that children receive the vaccinations indicated in the Calendar for Life at the right time, when the immune system is ready to produce antibodies in large quantities against viruses and bacteria from which the body must defend itself. Above all, it is essential not to delay the first immunizations and recalls because some pathologies, such as meningococcal B infection, tend to be concentrated mainly in the first year of life. This is explained by Dr. Michele Conversano, director of the Prevention Department of the Taranto ASL.

Why protect the little ones

"Vaccines are essential at any age, to prevent the onset of diseases that can be particularly serious," explains the expert. "Just think of polio, which fortunately is not present here but must still be prevented, or whooping cough, which can be very dangerous for the small child as well as Meningococcal B infection. The Calendar for Life has precisely the purpose of remember, based on available scientific information, when and how to protect children ”. In short: we respect the times. "Covid-19 has obviously created fears, but today vaccination centers are safe places and vaccinations can be carried out in complete tranquility" – recalls Conversano. "This is why it is essential to complete the cycles according to the instructions of the pediatrician, who remains the point of reference for parents". What if the immunization appointment was delayed for a thousand reasons? No fear. The facilities are able to meet the needs, both for compulsory vaccinations for access to kindergartens and schools and for those strongly recommended, such as those for pneumococcus, and for the different strains of meningococcus: there is a quadrivalent vaccine and one for the B strain alone, which must be administered in the very first months of life since the risks of developing meningococcal sepsis, albeit limited in numerical terms but able to translate into extremely serious pictures and with possible long-term deficits, are concentrated in the first year of life.

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