Vaccines for over 40s: when to start

Vaccines for over 40s: when to start

The Commissioner for Emergency Figliuolo has given the green light to vaccinations for the over 40s: when to start and all the news

Vaccinations are now proceeding at a rapid pace in almost all Regions and that is why the Commissioner for Emergency, Francesco Figliuolo, has decided to open up to the over 40s too. The general has sent a letter to the governors in which he gives his approval to allow even those born after 1981 to book for the anti-Covid vaccine.

Vaccines, when it's up to the over 40s

Reservations will be open from Monday 17 May according to the usual formula used up to now (through pharmacies, Ats or the Post Office app): "To allow better planning, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces are given the right to start bookings from next 17 May also for citizens over 40, or born in 1981 “, reads the letter sent to the Regions by the Commissioner.

Figliuolo, however, underlines "the absolute need to continue to pay particular attention to vulnerable people, age groups over 60, citizens with comorbidities, to the point of ensuring maximum coverage". This means that priority will still have to be given to the more fragile categories until coverage is gradually completed. Only after or in parallel will it be possible to continue with the lower age groups.

The expansion of the possibility of vaccination to the over 40s arises from the good results obtained in recent weeks: "This structure, in the context of monitoring the vaccination plan, continues to note the good progress of the campaign of administration on a national scale of the priority categories", writes again Son.

Not all regions are keeping the same pace, but a large part of Italy was already ready to kick off people under the age of 50 and the ok obtained by Figliuolo unlocked the procedure.

Vaccines, the news for the second dose of Pfizer

In recent days there has been a lot of discussion about the possibility of postponing the administration of the second dose of Pfizer to 42 days after the first (instead of 21 as has been done so far and recommended by the pharmaceutical company).

Also on this Son he wanted to clarify that it is “recommendable to extend the first dose in the sixth week. Without prejudice to the reservations already made, the Regions proceed immediately to apply the new timing ". The Commissioner has in fact taken into account the indications of the CTS according to which the lengthening of the interval between doses would not lead to a reduction in the percentage of protection and would allow more people to be vaccinated.

Vaccines also for children aged 12 to 15 years

In these days the hypothesis of vaccinating children between 12 and 15 years of age is under consideration starting from July. The green light is awaited from EMA, the European drug agency, which should arrive in June, to be followed by that of Aifa (the Italian drug agency).

The goal of the vaccination campaign on children, as expected, would be to allow schools to restart safely in September, avoiding the use of distance learning.

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