Vaccines in the company: the rules for administration

Vaccines in the company: the rules for administration

Vaccines can also be administered in the company: the rules and how it will work

Coronavirus vaccines can also be made in the company. After a long confrontation between trade unions, government and companies, an agreement was finally reached and the rules for administration were established. A step forward in the national vaccination campaign, to strengthen the battle against Covid-19 for which contrast and security measures are already in place.

How will it work? Adherence to vaccines in the company will be on a voluntary basis by both workers and the companies themselves. Therefore, a vaccination obligation has not been established, as happened for health workers. Companies, regardless of size or number of employees, will be able to apply, while vaccines will be offered to employees regardless of the type of contract. Companies that have an authorized doctor at their disposal will have to set up vaccination centers within their facilities. Alternatively, they can rely on private health facilities or the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (Inail).

The costs of the supply of vaccines will be borne by the State, as well as the delivery devices (needles and syringes), the information material and that for registration. On the other hand, the companies will be responsible for doctors, nurses and vaccination staff. If the vaccination will take place during working hours, the time taken for the procedure will be considered as time for productive activity. This means that workers will not be required to recover it and it will in no way be deducted from wages.

Furthermore, the update of the protocol was signed with the anti-contagion rules for the contrast and containment of Covid-19 that employees and employers must respect. Among the most relevant changes is the inclusion of a rule that requires activities to be suspended in the event of failure to implement the protocol, until the security conditions are restored. The rules for reintegration into work after having tested positive for Coronavirus were then specified.

The employee can be readmitted after having carried out an antigenic or molecular swab, resulting negative, twenty days after having discovered the positivity. Finally, the protocol urges companies to encourage smart working for all those activities that can be carried out at home.

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