Valentin confesses the relationship with La Tocca: Todaro reacts on Instagram

Valentin confesses the relationship with La Tocca: Todaro reacts on Instagram

Valentin confesses the relationship with Francesca Tocca: the reaction of her husband Raimondo Todaro

Valentin confesses the relationship with Francesca Tocca, but Raimondo Todaro does not comment. The dancer of Ballando con le Stelle, who has always been very active on Instagram, has not released statements after the revelation of the artist by Amici 2020.

After weeks of gossip and allegations, the ex-pupil of Maria De Filippi's school has revealed his truth. In Instagram Stories, Valentin revealed that he had lived an intense love story with Francesca Tocca, his dance partner at Amici 2020, but above all wife of Raimondo Todaro. A confession that shocked the fans of Dancing with the Stars and Friends who were very fond of the couple.

Todaro and La Tocca have in fact been linked for over ten years. A meeting, their event on the dance floor, which brought them to the wedding and to a daughter, Jasmine. Today those happy moments seem more distant than ever, swept away by the confession of Valentin who spoke of a relationship that would have been interrupted by him to protect the family of Francesca and Raimondo.

Milly Carlucci's dancer did not comment. On Instagram, where he is very active, he has chosen the path of silence and reflection. While many continue to ask him what happened, Raimondo protects his privacy and that of his daughter. According to the weekly DiPiù, it was precisely the love story between Valentin and Francesca to decree the end of the marriage. The couple had decided to try again, after a long crisis, but the relationship would have pushed Todaro to abandon the house he shared with his wife and to write the word end.

If Francesca has always continued to share the photos and videos in which she danced with Valentin in Instagram Stories, Raimondo has never commented and, now more than ever, seems determined to clarify the situation in private. "In recent days I have thought a lot about this situation and I have come to the conclusion that beyond our feelings – said the dancer of Amici 2020 -, the thing that matters most is the family and for this reason I decided to do a step back ". But maybe it's too late now.

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