Valentina Ferragni and the lesson on the scars we must support

Valentina Ferragni

Valentina Ferragni does not let herself be defeated by a scar: whether it remains or not, she has chosen to draw only the best, strength and courage

Chiara Ferragni shines on the red carpet with the stratospheric slit

There are scars that no one can see. There are others that are visible, a warning, a memory. Still others don’t even know we have them, until they start to hurt: until we clearly sense their presence. And a good lesson was offered to us by Valentina Ferragni. Young and gorgeous, she’s not afraid to show off her scar. And he even chose to idealize it, citing the Zerocalcare series.

Valentina Ferragni, the discovery of skin cancer

Valentina Ferragni’s experience touched us deeply. Because when something bad happens to a young person, we all feel part of that involvement, and we wonder how it’s possible. Life isn’t always kind – or fair – we know that well. But the youngest of the Ferragni sisters showed special strength.

Having the courage to share certain episodes means not only raising awareness, but getting naked, if not even putting aside the work of Influencer, bringing the harsh reality on social networks, without filters. In a society that uses social media to idealize perfect lives, Ferragni is a rare gem.

The discovery of skin cancer did not bend her to adversity. She had an operation, she decided to talk about it with an open heart, and now she is carrying out a special task, a lesson that is a warning to all of us. “The scar is like a medal that no one can take away from you,” he wrote on his Instagram profile.

“The day has come and it took me a while to make it happen. Unfortunately it was not a cyst, but a basal cell carcinoma, a malignant tumor localized in a specific area, not the most dangerous for health, but for the skin ”.

Ferragni is not afraid of the scar, and neither are we

Her story of the tumor, the revealed truth, silenced the heap that is the social network: many had in fact accused her – and not even in a veiled way – of exploiting an “imperfection” of the skin to receive some publicity . When Ferragni spoke of her vicissitude, her boyfriend, Luca Vezil, also intervened in her defense.

In a world where everyone covers scars, even the invisible ones, Valentina is the model to follow, that example that should remind us that we shouldn’t be afraid. Perfection exists only if we continue to promote its value, losing ourselves a little. There is no shame in diversity, but there should be in the critique of diversity.

Valentina Ferragni’s scar will be subject to time, as everything is, after all. It will be less visible, or maybe not, maybe it will remain a warning and a lesson. But what we cannot fail to appreciate is the breaking of the pattern: Valentina, her make-up, the scar in sight, without filters, without covers. Real life.

Valentina Ferragni

Valentina Ferragni, the post on the scar on Instagram

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