Valentine's Day dinner at home: the healthy and aphrodisiac fish menu

Valentine's Day dinner at home: the healthy and aphrodisiac fish menu

Salmon, chocolate and lots of pampering. The recipes of love are delicious, but also healthy with the advice of the nutritionist

This year, no romantic trips or dinners in elegant restaurants, but the restrictions imposed will certainly not be able to stop the desire to celebrate love. And if it is true that happiness also passes from the table, a special menu, aphrodisiac and – why not – even healthy, can become a real pampering for all the senses, able to envelop and comfort the couple.

But as long as it is prepared with the right ingredients and with correct cooking techniques to enhance the taste of food without weighing us down. Because, as Dr. Chiara Manzi – expert nutritionist and creator of Cucina Evolution tells us – the method to bring to the table greedy dishes with more antioxidants and fewer calories – "Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs, friends of passion, as they have an effect vasodilator or because they are able to stimulate the sense of smell, but we must be careful how we combine them or cook them. A too heavy and caloric dinner, in fact, would cause us to obtain the opposite effect ".


  • A fish menu: healthy and aphrodisiac
  • Appetizer: chard pie (Erbazzone)
  • First course: Love gnocchi with salmon sauce
  • Second course: Salmon with pink pepper
  • Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

A fish menu: healthy and aphrodisiac

The advice, therefore, is to create a menu that takes into account one's own tastes and that of the partner, which is tasty, and light, allowing us not only to give ourselves a dinner of absolute romanticism, but also to live longer and healthier. What to bring to the table? Fish is the aphrodisiac food par excellence. And if we choose salmon, for example, we also fill up on omega 3 friends of the heart. But cooking methods are also important: a vacuum-cooked octopus allows you to keep all the softness and taste without adding fat.

The ideal dessert? Its main ingredient is chocolate, ça va sans dire. That in Dr. Chiara Manzi's special recipe becomes even healthier, replacing a part of sugar with erythritol. All the dishes described below are contained in his latest book “Cucina Evolution. In shape without diet ”(Art joins nutrition publisher), which offers 100 recipes to stay healthy and fit with taste, without giving up the dishes we love most including pizza, carbonara, fried and desserts.

Appetizer: chard pie (Erbazzone)

Dinner opens with Erbazzone, rich in folate (also allies of women of childbearing age and the health of the unborn child), which becomes "Evolution" thanks to the addition of fibers. "From today – explains the expert – even this typical Reggio specialty can be enjoyed, filling up with fiber, without changing the traditional ingredients with the fats of just over a teaspoon of oil! Let us remember, then, that evolution must be undertaken at every stage of preparation: we therefore pay attention to cooking in the oven so as not to brown the dough too much, thus avoiding the formation of harmful substances for our body ".

First, prepare the pastry: sift together 20 g of inulin, 124 g of 00 flour, 10 g of semolina flour and 3 g of iodized salt. Add 74 g of sparkling mineral water and finally 2 g of oil and 4 g of lard. Knead for ten minutes until the dough is soft and smooth. Wrap with cling film and let it rest in the refrigerator for about an hour.

For the filling, cook 900 g of frozen chard in a non-stick pan over high heat for about 10 minutes. Remove excess water with the help of a sieve, cool and coarsely chop with a knife.

Peel, wash and cut into small cubes (brunoise) 100 g of white onion. Stew in a pan with a little water, a pinch of salt and add a clove of garlic. Once cooked, add 15 grams of lard and continue cooking for another 5 minutes. To the mixture obtained, after removing the garlic, add the chopped beets, 44 g of Parmesan PDO 36 months and the inulin-based gel, prepared on the spot, mixing 20 grams of inulin with 30 g of hot water (60 ° C).

Now let's move on to the composition. Weigh 50 grams of pasta needed for the covering. Roll out the two quantities into a thin sheet of about 1 millimeter thick. Line the pan (26 cm in diameter) with the largest amount of dough thus forming the base, distribute the filling evenly and cover with the remaining dough.

Then heat the oven to 200 ° C, then lower to 180 ° C and bake for 15 minutes. Moisten the surface again with water and re-bake by lowering the temperature to 160 ° C for another 15 minutes. Grease the upper part of the Erbazzone with 5 g of lard and bake for another 15 minutes. Pay attention to cooking until the pastry is golden. Remove from the oven, cool and portion into slices.

First course: Love gnocchi with salmon sauce

Following? Love gnocchi with salmon sauce. "Lots of taste, omega 3 and zero guilt with fewer calories than 100 g of white rice", assures the expert. The 'magic' ingredient in this case is long-chain inulin, a soluble fiber naturally extracted from some vegetables, such as chicory, which replaces fats and lowers the glycemic index of the gnocchi, giving a special creaminess to the dish. "The combination of all factors – continues Dr. Manzi – allows you to lower the glycemic index of the meal while also maintaining refined ingredients, more suitable for taste in some traditional preparations! Furthermore, fiber becomes nourishment for intestinal bacteria with a positive action on our organism, leading to the formation of short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate, an energy resource for the colon cells and capable, among its various actions, of modulating the 'inflammation".

Second course: Salmon with pink pepper

As a second course, the nutritionist offers delicious vacuum-packed octopuses in water, an Apulian recipe cooked at low temperature, to keep all the vitamins unchanged, make the fish extremely soft and avoid adding salt and fat. Those who love salmon can try salmon with pink pepper, a dish very rich in omega 3 and good for the heart!

For 4 people, cut the salmon into slices of 100 g per serving and place them in a baking tray covered with parchment paper, season with pepper and pink pepper and 20 g of breadcrumbs and bake at 170 ° C for 20 minutes. Finely chop 480 g of cabbage and cook it in a non-stick pan with 8 g of extra virgin olive oil for 4-5 minutes. Salt. Serve the salmon with the cabbage and garnish with chopped parsley.

“Your heart – says Dr. Manzi – will thank you for choosing this dish! Salmon is a fish rich in omega 3, polyunsaturated fats. They are friends of our heart because they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and are good for our memory. A portion of this second dish gives us 70% of the omega 3 dose recommended by the World Health Organization.

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

In closing, the nutritionist offers an amazing Chocolate Mousse. “Rich in polyphenols, bioactive substances with cardioprotective action, and minerals – he explains – chocolate helps to lower cholesterol. Furthermore, many scientific studies attest that regular consumption of 5 g of dark chocolate at least 70% (equal to a square 2 or 3 times a week) lowers blood pressure and protects against diabetes. Dark chocolate is also rich in minerals, such as magnesium, which is good for mood, phosphorus and iron; contains fiber, vitamins B1 and B2.

How is it prepared? Melt 75 g of 75% dark chocolate in a bain-marie. Make sure that the water does not come into contact with the chocolate. Dissolve 25 g of sugar and 25 g of erythritol with 3 tablespoons of water on the fire until you get a syrupy consistency. Then whip 3 egg whites (kept at room temperature) with a few drops of lemon juice. Halfway through the whipping, add 12 g of inulin and the sugar syrup flush.

Continue to whip until the whipped has a firm consistency. Add the now warmed chocolate to the whipped mixture, mixing with a spatula from bottom to top. Distribute in single-portion molds and leave to rest in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

“5 g of dark chocolate per day are enough to have health benefits”, explains Chiara Manzi. “In this mousse, there are just over 6g of chocolate per serving. Just don't combine it with cream because dairy products negate the benefits of polyphenols. Special is also the use of erythritol, a 0 Kcal sweetener, produced from the fermentation of sugars naturally present in vegetables. Erythritol does not affect blood sugar and in some in vitro studies and on mice it has been shown to have antioxidant and protective effects from oxidative stress, that particular defensive mechanism of our body, which when particularly stimulated damages and increases inflammation at the level of the cells ”, Concludes the nutritionist.

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