Valentine's Day, tech gifts for him

Valentine's Day, tech gifts for him

Lovers' party is approaching, some ideas for the perfect gift for technology lovers

For those in constant search of innovation, for those who love practicality and useful things, there is no more suitable gift than a tech object. And what better time than Valentine's Day to make a technological and useful gift? A selection of five items for all budgets and to be inspired and find the perfect gift for the most romantic party of the year.


  • Smartwatch
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • GoPro
  • Echo Dot
  • Portable projector


There are all shapes and sizes: smartwatches are increasingly used and loved. They have the most diverse designs, which can meet people's different tastes, and many useful functions. From the heart rate monitor, to the sleep traker to analyze the quality of rest, up to the possibility of receiving notifications and calorie counting. These are just some of the many features that a smartwatch offers.

The one selected by us is the Hommie L3 – ES you can buy it here.

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Bluetooth headphones

Headphone wires often become an intricate mass that is difficult to fix, then they also require us to turn with the phone or not to be able to move from the PC. For these reasons, and many more, wireless headphones are a very welcome gift, especially in a historical period like this when business calls have supplanted meetings. They can be connected with any bluetooth device. The most modern have ergonomic shapes to easily fit in the ears and exceptional battery life. Among other features, the selected ones have magnetic charging and automatic coupling.

Those selected by us are the Poweradd and you can buy them here.

Bluetooth headphones

Poweradd bluetooth headphones


An innovative design, high quality photos and videos that can also be shared live on social networks, timed night shots. These are just some of the features of the GoPro Hero8 Black a perfect gift for those who love to take videos and photos.

You can buy it here.



Echo Dot

Self-speaking with Alexa included for a smarter home: the new Echo Dot (the fourth generation) not only offers the alarm and timer functionality (the former can be delayed with a simple touch, the turning point for those in the group "still five minutes and then I get up ”), allows you to talk to Alexa to ask, for example, for music or the latest news, but also allows you to control compatible devices in the house.

You can buy it here.

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Portable projector

The thrill of the big screen at home: with the portable projector you can watch games, movies and TV series, or play games, as well as having excellent audio quality to make the experience even more engaging.

The one selected by us is the Vankyo Leisure 470 and you can buy it here.

Vankio projector

Vankio Leisure 470 projector

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