Valentine's Day: trash gift alert!

Valentine's Day: trash gift alert!

Bouquets of roses and chocolates or trash gifts? On Valentine's Day there are those who want to be original (perhaps too much)

Any occasion is good for making original gifts that will hopefully remain etched in the mind of those who receive them for a long time. There are risks especially in the anniversary involving lovers from all over the world: Valentine's Day. Just in view of this party, there are many brands that offer their ideas, neglecting the fact that they could give life to real trashy gifts!

The competition is fierce and the various brands compete for what could be the most original gift idea but, unfortunately, the line that separates originality from trash is really thin and easy to cross.

To fall into the trap of trash this year was a well-known British brand that, for a long time, has been offering fashionable garments on the web. Among the many proposals in the section on gifts for Valentine's Day, he thought it well to add an excessive one: socks.

Already the idea itself of giving your loved one some socks certainly does not refer to an ordinary Valentine's Day, but the fact that there are very particular images printed on the fabric, makes everything to say the least trashy. The fantasies, which give free rein to the excess of romanticism, are manifold and, among these, it becomes almost impossible to find one that is more sober than the others.

Among the models offered for a few pounds, there are socks with printed pairs of bananas that embrace each other and, if you don't like the fruits, you can always opt for a Jurassic version depicting two dinosaurs in love and surrounded by eggs with wings.

But, since there is never a limit to the worst, it is possible to choose a couple with imaginative unicorns in the role of Cupid who, on a pink background, shoot magic arrows in all directions.

What would you think if, on Valentine's day, your boyfriend showed up with socks depicting little dogs or kittens surrounded by red hearts? What if Kermit and Miss Piggy from the Muppets were in place of the cute animals? Would you be happy or would you blow up your engagement?

But don't worry! If this year you should receive trash socks as a gift, you can always take revenge next year, looking for other excessive items that your He will be forced to wear!

Pictures: Depositphotos

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