Valentino Rossi, happy dad. But the wedding with Francesca Sofia are far away

Valentino Rossi e Francesca Sofia Novello

Valentino Rossi talks about the joy of becoming a father and talks about the possible wedding with Francesca Sofia Novello

Valentino Rossi is preparing to become a father, but holds back on his wedding with Francesca Sofia Novello. The model announced on Instagram that she is pregnant: in a few months she will give birth to a girl, forever changing her life and that of the champion.

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He is 42, she is 27, Valentino and Francesca could not be happier. The supermodel, who has already shared the photo of her tummy on social media, couldn't be more beautiful and in love with the motorcyclist. Their love, born on the track – where he ran and she played the role of umbrella – grew in great secrecy. Rossi has always tried to protect his privacy and that of his partner. Only recently, breaking his proverbial confidentiality, did he speak for the first time about paternity and the possible marriage with Francesca Sofia.

"But I'm not so obsessed with the idea of ​​marriage – he explained to the weekly Oggi -. Let's say that I'm more interested in having one or two children, then maybe… ". At the beginning of August the driver announced his intention to retire from racing. A choice made to start a new phase in his life, even more exciting and exciting.

“I have the same fears that everyone has: getting old, dying – he confided -. I don't come from another planet: I've always lived in these years, not barricaded myself at home. I have always tried to keep a normal life as much as I could, cultivating many true friendships at all levels: sometimes it went well, others less so and it is not that, all of a sudden, everything changes for me. Racing in motorcycles has always been the passion of my life, certainly stopping that I have fears – he concluded -. But I will finally have even more free time for friends, for my parents, for my girlfriend ".

Meanwhile, Novello – model and former co-host of the Sanremo Festival – is enjoying the joys of pregnancy. The couple, on vacation on a boat, took the opportunity to publish some photos in which Francesca Sofia is gorgeous. "A few days ago while I was watching the sunset, I saw myself reflected and every time I take a photo of the incredulous belly – she confided -. The thought of expecting a baby still makes me super strange, it's a wonderful feeling".

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