Valeria D’Esposito, the journalist who died at 49 from Covid: the latest message

Valeria D’Esposito, the journalist who died at 49 from Covid: the latest message

"Covid did not arrive on tiptoe, it was like a bomb": the words of Valeria D'Esposito who died at 49 from complications related to Covid

Valeria D’Esposito was a well-known journalist from Campania, who died at the age of 49, on 15 February last, from complications related to Covid.

On 22 February he described the meeting with Covid on his Instagram profile: "I contracted C. Tachipirina, cortisone, antibiotics and oximeter for almost a week are my best travel companions, together with my life partner who, needless to say , he is sick too. The C did not arrive on tiptoe, far from it. It was like the explosion of a bomb: all of a sudden we both fell into a state of daze, sickness, widespread pain, dejection. We immediately decided to isolate ourselves, we called a laboratory to make molecular swabs at home, and I started to warn the people we had met in the previous days. We called them all, one by one, to ask them to verify any positivity. Luckily everyone is fine ”.

He continued, warning about the danger of the virus: "The results of our swabs arrived the next day, via a message from the ministry, and confirmed what was already quite clear to us. I write these lines between one fever and another, in a moment of tranquility, doped with tachipirina and corticosteroids. I breathe, I eat, I take drugs. The pandemic is still ongoing, don't relax “.

In the latest newsletter of her VisitCampania website, Valeria Esposito said: "In the third wave, which shouldn't have been there, the covid has reached me too. Yes, while I was waiting for the call for the vaccine, one day I suddenly felt unwell.
It was really a moment: I was at the PC, quiet writing and drinking my tea, and in a second I felt my strength fail, while my throat started to burn and my head throbbed with pain ”.

Then the days of treatment, closed at home: “The following days passed between therapies, sudden rises in temperature, online shopping, pulse oximetry, conflicting emotions, anxiety and frustration. We are not out of it yet, but between one fever and another I found the energy to write these lines ". And the thought towards the future: “My future priorities? Two things that I already had in my heart: take maximum care of myself and start traveling again ”. Two wishes that Valeria will no longer be able to fulfill.

Valeria D'Esposito Instagram

Valeria D’Esposito's message on Instagram

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