Valeria Marini, alleged scam to the mother: the hyenas clarify

Valeria Marini

We return to talk about the alleged scam to Valeria Marini's mother: the showgirl was the protagonist of a service of "Le Iene"

Valeria Marini, the return on TV to the Island of the Famous: a life of successes and loves

We return to talk about the alleged scam to Valeria Marini's mother: the story will be dealt with in the episode of Le Iene on Tuesday 30 March, in prime time on Italia 1.

Only a few days ago the showgirl, in an interview with the weekly Oggi, confessed to the scam suffered by her mother, who lost a large sum of money for an investment of 335,000 euros.

The scam also led to a quarrel between mother and daughter that lasted for several months: "I warned her, but it was late – said Marini – she took it out on me, she didn't believe me. I hired a private investigator to prove to my mother what was going on. If he took her to death, he did not speak to me for months ".

So the hyenas Filippo Roma and Marco Occhipinti wanted to clarify the story, which has now become the media. In fact, the two women have indicated the actor and film producer Giuseppe Milazzo Andreani as a scammer, met by Gianna in the office of his daughter Valeria, and with whom the lady would remain in constant contact.

The man would have invested Orrù's money on eToro, a site that allows you to sell and buy virtual currencies, such as bitcoins, and also to earn large percentages thanks to the increase in value of the currency over time.

Gianna and Valeria, together with their lawyer, showed Filippo Roma a series of documents that seem to prove the fraud against the woman. In fact, there would be a private agreement in which the producer Milazzo undertakes to ensure that the invested capital does not suffer any loss; wire transfers, made by the lady to the Milazzo account, with the purpose of "online trading co-investment"; and again, messages that every week indicated the increase in the amount paid into the current account.

To complicate the affair there would also be the material management of investments: according to Marini and her mother there would also be a third person involved, a certain Andrea Valerio Inturri, who however – after some investigations by the showgirl – would not exist.

Valeria Marini is more determined than ever to have justice for her mother, who today is very much tried for what happened: “My mother was very badly and she's not out of it yet – she confided -. She has devastating anxiety, the idea of ​​having been put in check by a man who had gained her trust torments her: there is no peace ".

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