Valeria Marini, because it ended with Gianluigi Martino

Valeria Marini, perché è finita con Gianluigi Martino

The love story between Valeria Marini and Gianluigi Martino ended in the worst way: the clash at "Live – Non è la D'Urso"

Why did it end between Gianluigi Martino and Valeria Marini? Until recently, the showgirl was convinced that she had found the love of her life, but today the two are at loggerheads. In fact, Martino is convinced that the relationship ended due to the intrusion of Valeria's mother who allegedly spread false rumors about him. Serious accusations, also made in an interview with Afternoon Five, which would have caused a further removal and disputes with Marini.

The confrontation between the exes came during an episode of Live – It is not the D'Urso where Valeria vented, revealing all her sadness for the epilogue of a love story in which she had believed a lot. "I'm not here to make diatribes, answer things that are not true – he clarified -. The only real thing he said was that there had been so many tensions, but my mother has nothing to do with it. My mother is an important person in my life, but also a smart, discreet person, so she would never allow herself to get in the way, but she is a person who gives advice, even just ".

Valeria should have confronted her ex-boyfriend inside Live's elevator – It's not D’Urso, but the clash in the end took place at a distance. The showgirl has in fact refused the face to face with Gianluigi Martino. "I don't want to go there, I want to talk to you here – he said, talking to the landlady -. He allowed himself to go for interviews when I didn't make half a statement. I do not make the comparison, those who allow themselves to touch my mother are not worthy of my gaze. He is a person who has disappointed me, has behaved badly, I have nothing to say. I did not know that he had said these things about my mother. I knew at this moment, apart from that mothers do not touch each other, it is useless to talk about others, our relationship is over because I left him I couldn't take it anymore ".

Martino intervened, attacking Marini: “She came to do the scene. How can you say that what I have declared are fake things. Your mother always got in the way ”. Immediate reply of the showgirl who defended her mother, stating that the relationship would end for other reasons. “I won't let you talk about my mother. You have to stop talking about my mother, do not allow yourself, talk about me – he clarified -. The truth is that I was wrong to trust you, ever since we came to Barbara's and there was your introduction. Why did you come to do the interview here, when you know it was a difficult time for me? If you are here to talk about me, I have other arguments, I apologize to the public, I am ashamed for these things ".

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