Valeria Marini confesses to Today is another day. And Serena Bortone wanders the study

Valeria Marini

"I was naive", Valeria Marini tells of her unfortunate loves. And Serena Bortone avoids embarrassment by silencing the studio

Serena Bortone hosts Valeria Marini at Today is another day. The 53-year-old actress talks about herself freely. He remembers his participation in Sanremo in 1997 when he was conducting Mike Bongiorno with Piero Chiambretti, his debut with Bagaglino, a real springboard for his career, Alberto Sordi with whom he starred in the film Forbidden encounters and for whom he said blackberry. And then the confessions on love, always suffered, could not be missing.

Valeria Marini (read our interview) lights up Serena Bortone's studio by presenting herself with a black dress with a sweetheart neckline that enhances the perfect décolleté, while glittered sandals that Valeria wears with opaque black stockings shine on her feet. The strong make-up, silver eyeshadow and fuchsia lipstick, sets her apart.

The Marini is as always splendid and sunny. She never loses her smile, even when she talks about her love disappointments. The confession begins with Bortone's question if she ever thought of leaving everything and locking herself up in a convent. The actress confirms that at some point in her life she thought of doing it, not only because she has great faith, just like Claudia Koll guest at Today is another day in the episode of December 16, 2020, but also because she is not in love. been lucky. Just she who has always believed in love, has been betrayed by love, because she has never met the real one.

The reason? "I was naive". He acknowledges that he made "bad choices", because he has always placed great trust in people: "I thought people were transparent, as I am". But it wasn't like that, at least the men Marini met.

"I've always believed in love, but it doesn't come", continues Valeria. Bortone urges: "Will it arrive?". Marini evades the question and limits herself to saying that what she now wants is for this pandemic to end as soon as possible. What do you want from love? “To be respected, because I haven't been that much. It will be the other side of the coin ”, alluding to the fact that he is a famous person. Certainly, she is not a victim who feels sorry for her disappointments, her problem is that of being naive: “I'm tough, but naive. I have a Peter Pan inside of me ”.

For this reason he considered taking vows. “I have great faith. I am happy when I go to church and pray. I'm generous and I like to give myself to others, but I often come out disappointed ”. But thanks to his strong character he manages to overcome his wounds.

Indeed, Valeria Marini was not lucky in love. Before he had a long relationship with Vittorio Cecchi Gori, the actress was at his side even in the years of economic failure and prison. She became pregnant with Cecchi Gori, but lost the baby to a miscarriage. In 2013 she married Giovanni Cottone, but the marriage was dissolved by the Sacra Rota just over a year later, because it was discovered that the entrepreneur was already married. Valeria then fell in love with Patrick Baldassari but in 2018 they broke up at the conclusion of Temptation Island Vip. Even with Gianluigi Martino the story is over, despite last June there was talk of a wedding. But in this case, it was the actress's mother who went against it.

And it is to her mother, Gianna Orrù, a strong woman, that Valeria turns to when she wants to confide in one another. “My mother is a general, she doesn't console me, but I'm used to it. I am like her, but softer ”.

While Marini talks about the private side of her life, something in the studio disturbs her. At that point the presenter intervenes to remove the people in the studio from embarrassment and wand and silences them: "Friends, it's not polite. We don't talk in the studio ”. And the interview can continue without interruption.

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