Valeria Marini, the mother cheated for 335 thousand euros: "Still humiliated"

Valeria Marini, the mother cheated for 335 thousand euros: "Still humiliated"

Valeria Marini talks about the problems of her mother, involved in a scam that took away 335 thousand euros

Valeria Marini tells of the scam suffered by her mother Gianna Orrù and the pain of what happened. In fact, the woman has not only lost 335 thousand euros, but has also quarreled with her daughter and today she still cannot find peace. The Sardinian showgirl, interviewed by the weekly Oggi, revealed the scam suffered by her mother.

"I warned her, but it was late – said Marini, stating that she would do everything to save her mother -. He was angry with me, he did not believe me. I hired a private investigator to prove to my mother what was going on. If he took her to death, he did not speak to me for months ".

“For me it was a question of pride, of personal dignity – confided Gianna Orrù, cheated for 335 thousand euros -. I felt I was perfectly capable of handling the matter and getting back what I had invested. It was hard to admit to myself that I had been deceived, duped, humiliated… I trusted him too much and I threw Valeria out of my house when I knew how she had addressed him ”.

Valeria Marini has always had a very strong bond with her mother who today is very tried for what happened: “My mother was very ill and she is not out of it yet – she confided -. She has devastating anxiety, the idea of ​​having been put in check by a man who had gained her trust torments her: there is no peace ".

Some time ago, as a guest of Verissimo, Marini had told of being estranged from her mother because of a man who had cheated her and removed her from everyone. "My mother works with me – she told Silvia Toffanin, melting into tears -, she met this person in this environment and made her make fake investments, not wrong, over 300 thousand euros which were her possessions, her savings, she sold to this person, she trusted them and instead they were fake investments, he brought her money and slowly pushed everyone away. I learned about this story after a year and a half and my mother has not spoken to me since I found out and I tried to explain to her that I think it was a scam, but this story lasted a year ".

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