Vanessa Incontrada, the photo on Instagram that makes you dream

Vanessa Incontrada reveals her private side on Instagram: a dedication to Rossano Laurini

After the photo in costume, Vanessa Incontrada tries again with a selfie on Instagram that leaves her breathless

Vanessa Incontrada: from comrade Rossano Laurini to fiction

Vanessa Incontrada is relaxing on vacation and shares her hours of rest on Instagram.

After the costume photo that left everyone breathless, the actress wanted to pleasantly surprise the fans once again by posting a selfie on social networks that portrays her smiling while she is lying down sunbathing. Vanessa comments: "When I relax" Besitos Amigos 😙🦋 ".

That is enough to unleash the followers who rush to send her "little hearts" and to comment on her natural beauty. Incontrada like it more and more, especially because it is a real woman who does not need scaffolding and retouches to show how much she is worth and how beautiful she is.

Her smile is contagious and her freckles are the distinguishing feature. The compliments are not wasted. Fans applaud and comment on Instagram:

One of the most beautiful women in this silicone landscape 💖

Others write:

And how lovely and tender you are

And then:

A smile that warms the heart

Someone challenges the haters of the Incontrada that in the past has been bullied for its curves:

Fantastic! You have jealous beards !!!!

Waiting to see Vanessa in the new fiction Angela, where she plays a wife and a mother, Rai Uno proposes the comedy that sees her as protagonist on the first of September, L 'L'Amore, the Sun and the other stars. A summer full of successes for the Spanish actress, starting with the conduct of the Seat Music Awards where she really triumphed last June.

Vanessa Incontrada – Source: Instagram

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