Vanessa Incontrada without veils on the cover: a lesson against bullying


Vanessa Incontrada poses naked on the cover to say enough to cruel criticism and bullying: "Nobody can judge me"

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Vanessa Incontrada at 41 has decided to pose on the cover naked, transforming her body into a message for all women, but also for all men, and invites them to oppose any kind of bullying and celebrate a new beauty.

Vanessa Incontrada has therefore decided to undress to give a lesson in life, to fight to the end the haters and those who do nothing but launch insults and criticisms without purpose, other than to insult. The actress thus becomes the symbol of body positive. And to Vanity Fair, who wanted it on the cover without veils, he reiterates: "Nobody can judge me".

In the long interview with the magazine L’Incontrada tells about her personal experience as a victim of bullying, who fell into the target of haters only for gaining weight due to pregnancy: "In 2008 I had my son Isal. Motherhood, as it happens to all women, transforms your body. And mine turned a lot. The criticisms started. Fierce criticism. Cruel criticism. It is always said that the worst attacks come from who you know. I don't think so: the words that hurt me the most came from those I didn't know. I was disappointed, hurt and disoriented: but why be so bad? ”.

He gives women an important lesson: you have to accept yourself for what you are and nobody has to judge you for that. “Sometimes you gain weight, sometimes you lose it. One month you are on a diet and want to lose those three kilos, another you feel good about yourself. We are women, our body works like this. It is natural, it must be accepted and above all respected. Nobody can or should judge you “.

Vanessa then explains how she managed to overcome the difficult moments and not be hurt by criticisms, which were totally unjustified: “I finally understood that the battle of the body no longer concerned me but all women. And that if I could make my experience available to others, well it was time to do so ".

The Spanish actress and presenter not only took her revenge on those who tried to bury her, but she became the emblem of inclusive beauty, of a woman who made her negative experiences a tool to instill a positive message and support for all: "This cover is the best moment of recent years". And on his Instagram profile, he showed it in the Stories. And his beauty and skill today shines more than ever, collecting successes, one after the other, from the Seat Music Awards to fiction. While at the Venice Film Festival he enchanted on the red carpet.

Vanessa Incontrada

Vanessa Incontrada – Source: Instagram

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