Vanessa Incontrada's beauty secrets

Vanessa Incontrada's beauty secrets

Passionate, lively and sympathetic, the actress and presenter is among the most loved in Italy also for her beauty. But what is his secret?

As beautiful as Vanessa Incontrada: ideal products

Vanessa Incontrada is one of the most beloved showbiz women not only for her sympathy but also for her beauty. It will be that the Italians have always liked the Spanish, it will be that she is only half-way thanks to a Spanish mother and an Italian father, it will be that that smile so sincere and brilliant and those freckles on the nose would be able to keep us glued to look at it hours, the fact is that Vanessa has charm to sell.

And she, born in 1978, still releases the sparkling energy of when she was on Zelig's stage with Claudio Bisio. Well yes, energy is one of its beauty secrets: the passion it puts into everything it does emerges from the dark eyes enlivened by a simple touch of mascara. Because she is the girl next door, a simple woman who despite her intriguing beauty and her public "vocation" remains what she is: Vanessa. Always triumphing, even at the Wind Music Awards 2018 which he conducted with Carlo Conti.

What are its strengths? The smile, always open, the face almost water and soap, her wonderful hair, her luminous skin, her look and even her sweet forms that make her look much more feminine than when she was twenty years old.

Vanessa is an addicted vanilla: she uses vanilla oil drops both as a moisturizer for the skin, to be applied after exposure to the sun, and for hair even when they are wet to avoid using a hairdryer.

The secret of her hair's beauty is hidden in the Besitos line, which is also the name of her personal blog, created together with her friend and hairdresser Luciano Conti especially for those with curly hair like hers.

For hair like those of Vanessa, long and wavy, you need specific shampoo and conditioner that knows how to untangle the hair (the balm of its line does not need rinsing), a hyper nourishing product like a mask, a mousse to define hedgehogs and anti-frizz with sunflower extract and betaine which smoothes the hair and protects it from the sun. How do you take them? Loose on the shoulders showing off the super trendy beach waves or gathered with a bun at the back of the neck that her hair stylist, Irene Greco, taught her. Superb.

Make up is as simple as her. In fact, Vanessa rarely covers face freckles. Therefore it cannot do without a few products: a volumizing black mascara, a little blush on the cheeks and a lip gloss that tends to pink or coral. Then when she has to attend the Cannes festival, Vanessa is also doing the top makeup.

The slightly sweet shapes are not the result of poor work. After maternity, the pounds did not come down completely, but Vanessa is a woman who loves to practice outdoor sports such as cycling – even if she is less in the gym – and her whole body cries out "tonicity". His Personal Trainer Alessandro Ceccarelli will take care of making her work without her having fun. Just mention the name of Iza Goulart, supermodel and Brazilian actress, and Vanessa no longer feels the fatigue.

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