Vanilla Eau Parfumée for the body: the DIY recipe

The recipe ofeau parfumée for the body with vanilla that our expert offers you Lucia Cuffarofounder of the school of self-production on and editor of the blog, is fast, easy and respectful of nature.

Enriched with essential oil, it envelops you in the warm aroma of vanilla. A body water with a sweet and welcoming scent to personalize your beauty line.

Ingredients to prepare the vanilla eau parfumée for the body

Ingredients and materials: 100 ml of mineral or demineralized water, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel, 30 drops of vanilla essential oil, bottle with vaporizer

How to prepare vanilla eau parfumée for the body

Transfer the mineral or demineralized water and the aloe vera gel, which gives perfume, is slightly refreshing, soothing and extends the life of the product by acting as a natural preservative, in a bottle with a water vaporizer. Then add the vanilla essential oil.

Shake the perfume well before use to emulsify its contents: this step is necessary because essential oils have an oily base, while aloe vera has a water base.

It is then vaporized in small quantities on the wrists, neck and nape of the neck. It keeps well for about two months.

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