Veera Kinnunen: “I saw myself ugly and fat”. The detail of the past

Veera Kinnunen: “I saw myself ugly and fat”. The detail of the past

Veera Kinnunen spoke of her complicated adolescence and problems with her body

Veera Kinnunen opened her heart by talking about her adolescence, eating problems and the suffering of that time. But today the beautiful Swedish teacher, engaged with Paolo Conticini in Dancing with the Stars, is serene and happy.

In a long interview with the weekly Di Più, Kinnunen spoke not only about her past, but also about the love story, now over, with Stefano Oradei. The two dancers in fact, after a relationship lasting more than ten years, separated about a year ago, after the rumors of a flirtation between Veera and Dani Osvaldo, her companion in adventure in Dancing with the Stars. Kinnunen later began a relationship with the former footballer, which ended after a few months.

Today, after some time, the two have found the serenity they were looking for, as Veera said in the interview with the weekly: "We have loved each other for more than ten years, it is true, but now what binds us is mutual respect. Our relationship is over, but the respect we feel for each other will never fade. But now I look forward, now in my life there is above all Veera ".

In the interview, Kinnunen also spoke of the difficult relationship with her body, especially starting from adolescence, when her physique began to change:

I looked at myself in the mirror and instead of rejoicing because maybe my breasts and hips had grown, I was desperate. Inevitably at that age you put on a few pounds, so that you become a woman. But when you are a dancer at those levels, every change can be experienced as a trauma. I saw my thin, sinuous colleagues and I, mistakenly, saw myself huge, ugly.

A change that led the dancer to stop eating, falling into the tunnel of anorexia. In the interview Veera Kinnunen admitted how difficult that period of her life was: the parents who did everything to help her, her suffering and that pain that no one seemed to understand.

Italy saved me, which I started to get to know thanks to Stefano Oradei, my ex. Italian culture has taught me that food is medicine, that if you eat well you can feel better – said the dancer – (…) I realized that the phony perfection that I had pursued for so long made no sense.

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