Vegan amphibians: alternatives to leather for your boots

Vegan amphibians: alternatives to leather for your boots

Beautiful and environmentally friendly: here are some vegan alternatives to the classic amphibians, with some more advice for an informed choice

The choice to use alternatives to leather for ethical reasons and to reduce our environmental impact is certainly valuable, but it is good to know exactly what we do and how we are doing it. I try to shed some light on this article.

Vegan alternatives to skin: a question on ethics

There are many vegan alternatives to leather and now many brands use them. I would like to draw your attention to an important point: the choice of vegan alternatives for ethical issues relating to the animal world is sacrosanct, but always ask yourself where and how the pieces you are about to buy are made. They may have spared the lives of animals, but have been assembled by enslaving human beings, perhaps made to work in conditions that are anything but dignified.

Are you still certain that you are making an ethical choice? Ask it and try to get to the bottom, otherwise you risk running into greenwashing practices.

Veg amphibians: here are some alternatives to leather for your boots

And the environmental impact?

Pay attention to the type of material that is used for your boots (but also for your shoes, bags and other accessories) in what is called “eco-leather”.

Very often, it is not eco at all, but it is plastic fibers derived from petroleum, so OK, it is vegan because it is not raw materials of animal origin, but it is far from sustainable, because the environmental impact in terms of production will however be high.

In this sense, wherever possible, prefer raw materials deriving from waste or recycled materials, such as apple skin, or Piñatex, the first deriving from apple peels and cores and the second from pineapple leaves, or made by recovering and recycling for example plastic from the oceans. In this case yes we are wearing something sustainable. As for ethics, the above discussion applies.

Veg amphibians: here are some alternatives to leather for your boots

Brands that offer veg amphibians in their collections

Doc Marten’s

The most iconic amphibians of all time also exist in the veg version, for those who do not want imitations, but do not want to use animal derivatives to dress. The material with which they are made is “Felix Rub Off”, which is a polyurethane. All the other components of this vegan line of shoes are completely free of materials of animal origin.

Veg amphibians: here are some alternatives to leather for your boots

Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae stands for “No Animal Exploitation”, which is a bit of the brand’s mission. It is a line of footwear, which also has amphibians inside, ethically made in Portugal with natural, recycled or synthetic materials.

Beautiful Story Vegan Shoes

All-Italian brand that produces made-to-measure and made-to-order shoes. They also have amphibians in their line. You can choose the model, color and material and they will be made especially for you.

Private Eco

This Italian brand ethically produces PETA-approved vegan sneakers, boots and amphibians in Europe, with natural and recycled materials.

Veg amphibians: here are some alternatives to leather for your boots

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