Velvety diet: burn fat and lose 5 kilos

Velvety diet: burn fat and lose 5 kilos

Up to five pounds less, in two weeks: it's the velvety diet, to fill up on vitamins and activate the metabolism

What are the differences between soups, soups and soups?

Comfort food par excellence, the velvets have endless properties. And they lend themselves to numerous interpretations. What could be better in winter than pamper yourself with one of these warm and colorful preparations that satisfy the eyes and are rich in vitamins, fiber and mineral salts?

And if in general the velvets we connect them to winter, there are those who choose to consume them all the year precisely because of their properties. Above all, of their ability to burn fat. In fact, there is a real diet, the diet of velvets for the note, which focuses on this food to combat the extra pounds. Even the stars know the power of soups, and they choose to follow this diet to purify themselves and to get back in shape in a short time. What is this diet? In a breakfast of milk (or yogurt) with cereals, in a cream of legumes and croutons for lunch and – for dinner – still a velvety, but this time based on vegetables.

In order not to miss all the necessary nutrients, the soups for lunch should be prepared mainly with legumes, and should be enriched with a portion of carbohydrates (if you don't like croutons, you can accompany them with a small sandwich or a packet of crackers , preferably integral). If desired, you can also consume a portion of fish, cooked separately and then added to the soup after cooking. Any examples? A cream of chickpeas with prawns, or a cream of broad beans and asparagus. Lighter will have to be instead the preparations for dinner, with vegetables with reduced caloric intake (fennel, celery, carrots) and with the addition – if desired – of seeds and soy, so as to fill up with vegetable protein. For example, you can prepare a cream of carrots and ginger or red beets.

By following this food diet, you can lose up to 5 kg in two weeks. The important thing is to follow a few rules: as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, only fruit is allowed (but bananas and grapes are prohibited). And, if you prefer to cook a velouté just for lunch or just for dinner, alternate it with: two boiled eggs with a tomato, lettuce and cucumber salad; a portion of grilled chicken breast with mixed salad; 120 grams of white cheese with a slice of wholemeal bread and a tomato salad; or, a past of cooked vegetables.

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