Venice 2021, Serena Rossi godmother of the Venice Film Festival

Venice 2021, Serena Rossi godmother of the Venice Film Festival

It is now official: Serena Rossi will be the godmother of the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival

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Serena Rossi will be the godmother of the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival. The actress announced it with a post on Instagram, accompanied by a statement from the Biennale. Actress, singer and presenter, Rossi on 1 September 2021 will be on the stage of the Sala Grande, at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido to present the inaugural ceremony of the event.

He will also lead the closing ceremony which will take place on Saturday 11 September, when the Lions and all the official prizes will also be announced. Only four years ago, Serena had triumphed at the Venice Film Festival, conquering everyone with her interpretation in Ammore and Malavita by the Manetti brothers. The actress also performed on stage, demonstrating all her talent.

The role of godmother of the Venice Film Festival is another great step forward in Rossi's career, marked by numerous successes. The debut at the Scugnizzi theater, very young, then fame thanks to Un Posto al Sole and the role of Carmen, finally the ability to move, with great skill, between cinema and TV, thanks to undeniable singing and acting skills. In her curriculum there are very varied experiences, from comedies such as Treasure Hunt, Too Neapolitan and In Your Place, to musicals with the Manetti brothers, up to the role of voice actress of Princess Anna in the Disney Frozen cartoon and in Mary Poppins.

Protagonist at the Sanremo Festival, Rossi has also conquered the television audience with the fiction Mina Settembre. That of Venezia78 is a great challenge for the actress, as she herself told on Instagram. Serena, who has been linked to her colleague Davide Devenuto for several years, revealed her great emotion in a post. "For an actress to be called to play the role of godmother of the Venice International Film Festival is a great honor – she wrote -. I know how hard it has been to smile over the past year and a half. But in this delicate moment, keeping alive and strong the desire to go back to doing what we know how to do, and to smile again, is all. Certainly the closure of cinemas, theaters, the inability to enjoy any live show did not help us smile. And perhaps never as on this occasion have we felt the lack and understood the vital necessity of the Arts which, now more than ever, we must defend, protect and exalt ".

“In Venice78 I would like to rediscover those forgotten smiles – he added -, I would like them to illuminate the cinemas and all the places of the Festival. I would like them to be rekindled on the faces of those who have not been able to work, but who can now return to hope, design, play, act, build sets, write …
I thank the Venice Biennale, the director Alberto Barbera and the President Roberto Cicutto for their trust. It will be an important festival and I will do my best. For everyone".

Serena Rossi Instagram

Serena Rossi announces on Instagram that she will be godmother at the Venice Film Festival

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