Venice, closure without a bang: obvious by very normal people

Venice Festival 2014: the red carpet looks

The epilogue of the 71th edition of the Venice Film Festival has left us perplexed, and not a little for the almost total absence of worldliness, of divismo and of leading protagonists apart from some exceptions of which we have already given an account. Venice closes with the usual displacement of controversy, debates, questions, even in terms of outfit choices. Luisa Ranieri, in Valentino, chose a dress that perfectly interprets the new course of the Maison and its role. Well, the winner of the Volpi Cup Alba Rohrwacher was also without particular originality. On the other hand, other stars like Ambra Angiolini and Elissa Shay reserve it. The only real vamp on this last red carpet is the new mother Violante Placido.


Did we want the explosion of worldliness of the past? Here we are satisfied. Moreover, on the Lido, the last few days have always been the most interesting ones, on the front of the image, and so it was. Last night, the long awaited appearance of Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, on Pasolini's red carpet, satisfied us in terms of expectations, surpassing even this dimension with a kiss to seal a perfect union and with the usual selfies for the admirers huddled to snatch a greeting from the most famous couple in Italy. Belen apart, on the red carpet, they saw themselves besides Abel Ferrara, Riccardo Scamarcio and Willem Defoe they admired Ilaria Spada, Cristiana Capotondi, Ashley Green, Marta Marzotto, Carmen Chaplin. Small yellow: it is said that Giovanni Cottone became impatient for the presence of Belen at the dinner in honor of Ferrera and vetoed Cotril's testimonial. It is said…


The glamor that is too late in this edition is dreading there on the red carpet, when the films and their candidate interpreters are now also obvious. Last night the arrival of Milla Jovovich, splendid with her tummy in evidence, returned to Venice the glories seen only with Uma Thurman. Unexpectedly, then, we admired on the catwalk a new Sabina Guzzanti, less stereotyped and predictable for the Venetian premiere of her "La Trattativa", already very controversial. There is also something new on the national-popular side of this exhibition: Anna Tatangelo, Elisa Di Francisca, Alexandra Dinu, Tiziana Rocca, Susanna Cicoli, Marina Castelnuovo give us a playful, fun dimension.

It is a Festival that will be stored on the hard disk also for the fist of Elio Germano, a gesture loaded with a disproportionate symbolic value considering the (probable) intentions of the actor. But in this edition it goes a bit like this. Isabella Ragonese wears a black dress with a bold neckline that does not give her much. Too bad, because make-up and hair this time should be rewarded. Almost shocking is the choice of Sabina Guzzanti, who landed on the Lido with a total black, refined pashmina and a truly unexpected glamor touch. On the red carpet the most anticipated were the men of Gabriele Salvatores: applause, warmth, smiles and the excessive thinness of the director. A question to Frances McDormand: stockings, why?


When we had resigned ourselves to the absence of that touch of divinity that, in Venice, would have given charisma to the Exhibition, here is she, the Muse. Uma Thurman has catalyzed those present and photographers, finally satisfied after suffering the lack of leading players. Shining, with a sophisticated dress, as much as the refined hairstyle enhanced by a clasp. Divine. Adjective that we will not spend, instead, for Charlotte Gainsbourg. His leather bra with exposed bra is very Nymphomaniac, but the red carpet is another thing. Well the Ragonese, the Romero and the very elegant writer and sworn Jhumpa Lahiri. The others? Seeing is believing …


Venice is no longer Venice: the stardom of the past is entrusted to personalities from the world of fashion, television and socialite who also caught the attention on the red carpet even this weekend at the Lido. The only real star who recalled the past glories is Al Pacino who, in terms of style, has nothing to learn. On the red carpet, during this long weekend, we admired the sober elegance of Alba Rohrwacher, in b & w, and the attractiveness of Banya. Barbara De Rossi, Lorena Bianchetti, Elena Sofia Ricci and Alessandra Martinez surprised us for different reasons. For example, the white trousers and the trawl shirt of the actress of I Cesaroni, why did they end up on the catwalk?

The second red carpet of this 71st show, only partially excites us. Cristiana Capotondi, in the company of Andrea Pezzi, opts for a floral which does not highlight her beauty and the filamentous physique. Original yes, but brio. The same spirit that we find in the ironic smile of Stefania Rocca, splendid. And in the always talented Ottavia Piccolo who with Giuseppe Battiston gave a touch of theatricality to Venice and its red carpet. On the catwalk, including smoke and lanterns, also appear Zhanna Bianca and Camila Raznovich whose role is yet to be defined. Needless to dwell further, the show must go on.

Daniela Santanché arrives in Venice embracing a Fonzie version of Sallusti. Bright smile, neutral color jacket, mirrored glasses. Not even for the red carpet of the evening, choosing them to match the dress. Blue, the same color chosen for the dress of the godmother Luisa Ranieri, mermaid model with tulle details. But the most beautiful of the evening for us was the style icon Alessandra Mastronardi, who wore a truly gorgeous dress. Emma Stone showed on the red carpet in a dark ballerina version: very deep neckline and tulle skirt. Total black also for Andrea Riseborough, but he looked like a lay nun. Black and feathers chose the actress Liya Kebede, while Sveva Alviti put a touch of sky-blue color, showing off a Monroe style dress by Alberta Ferretti.

Sandy Powell amazed with his punk style, focusing on the studs. The jury Jhumpa Lahiri is splendid, in her long green dress, a color that gives her so much. Wine-colored mermaid dress for Barbara D’Urso, the usual model she loves to wear for special occasions. Franca Sozzani is funny with a printed skirt. Browse the gallery to see all the outfits of the first day of Venice 71.

The most awaited arrival of the 71st Venice Film Festival was that of Luisa Ranieri, a splendid godmother of the edition. And it didn't disappoint. Mud-colored blouse, a long skirt almost at the ankle, pointed toe and shoulder strap, Luca Zingaretti's wife landed at the Lido with a real lady outfit, feminine and elegant. For the photocall he showed off a long transparent black skirt and a very classic white shirt with a masculine cut. She is the undisputed star of the opening day.

Skinny jeans and very high heels, radiant after the change of sex Vittoria Schisano, who plays in the film adaptation of the homonymous novel by Aldo Nove, La vita oscena, directed by Renato De Maria. But at the Lido also the sex symbols landed, like Riccardo Scamarcio and Jude Law, with a questionable look, in a chamber jacket.

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