Venier, her husband Nicola's surprise on Sunday In leaves her speechless


Mara Venier is speechless to the surprise of her husband Nicola Carraro on Domenica In

One last episode in the name of love: Domenica In ended with a beautiful surprise for Mara Venier by her husband Nicola Carraro.

Taking advantage of the presence of the neo-melodic singer Andrea Sannino, who dedicated the song Abbraceme to them, the businessman stealthily approached him with a splendid bouquet of red roses, to celebrate their 14 years together.

The surprise was unexpected and left the landlady speechless: Mara was visibly excited, so much so that she began by saying: "Guys, you shouldn't have done this to me!".

Shortly after, also the staff of Domenica In wanted to pay homage to the couple, broadcasting a clip with the most beautiful moments of their wedding ceremony which took place on June 28, 2006. "I am still moved, it was the most beautiful day of my life ”, Admitted Mara.

The gift filled the heart of Venier with joy, who a few hours earlier had spoken to her friends Loretta Goggi and Romina Power about her relationship with Nicola and how special she was.

For us who are differently young, the quarantine period has united us even more, I did not know if we would have made it because we are used to living far apart and instead, even if we are always together, we love each other even more.

Nicola's dedication came after Mara had written a thought, sweet and ironic at the same time, on her Instagram profile, underlining how lucky she feels today to have such a husband by her side. Just on social networks, their love has conquered everyone thanks to the many moments of everyday life that Mara loves to share with her followers, thus proving to be a humble, but very charismatic woman.

Their special day coincided with the last episode of Domenica In, culminating in a single day a whirlwind of joy.

The television season, therefore, has now ended, but the presenter has already expressed her clear ideas about what will happen in the future. The 2021 edition, according to what Mara herself has revealed, will be the last for her and will revolve around her closest friends and loved ones. At this point, we just have to wish her a speedy recovery after her foot injury and wait for her to return.

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