Verissimo – The Stories: Federica Nargi, tender dedication to Matri on Instagram

Verissimo - The Stories: Federica Nargi, tender dedication to Matri on Instagram

The interview with Federica Nargi and Matri was broadcast on Verissimo: the showgirl took advantage of it for a dedication to her partner

The appointments with Verissimo – Le Storie continue: this Saturday, among the most beautiful interviews of the past edition, aired that of Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri.

In fact, Silvia Toffanin has thought of a format that compensates for the failures hosted in the studio, broadcasting a winning mix with old interventions, interspersed with a series of current video messages by several VIPs.

The episode, as has become standard, opened with #ImagineforVerissimo: the great virtual choir that intones the John Lennon song has expanded, this week, with the presence of Lorenzo Fragola, Noemi, Paolo Jannacci, Emma Muscat, Clizia Fornasier, Attilio Fontana and Federica Carta.

At the end of the choir, the historical moments of Verissimo were aired, starting precisely from the one at Nargi and Comrade Matri.

Just as the interview aired, the showgirl posted a story on her Instagram profile, with a phrase to accompany a photo of the couple right in Verissimo's living room: "How nice what we have built in 10 years".

An interview in which the couple recounted their modern fairy tale, between happiness and pride for their love and their family. Watching the video of their story and the images of their little girls, Sofia and Beatrice, Nargi was unable to hold back the tears:

It's nice what we've built to date. Of course, it has been ten years not only of roses and flowers, but also of many quarrels, because we have been far apart. Distance can divide, but also unite.

During the chat, the former footballer teased by the owner confessed: "You are a super attentive mother. My girls are growing up fast and I am increasingly jealous. I've lost my mind for both of them, I'm a happy dad “. Obviously, Toffanin did not miss the opportunity to ask for some information on the wedding: "I wanted to do it this year, then Beatrice arrived," admitted Alessandro Matri.

What is certain is that the wedding is scheduled: "I have not yet made the proposal but we want to consolidate the family". “It will be a great party. After 10 years, it must be a huge, intimate thing! "Joked the ex-vellum, adding:" What underwear means at least 300 people ".

The couple told of the birth of their love between comic curtains and funny anecdotes about the beginning of their relationship. The showgirl also let herself go to some confession about her partner's character:

Alessandro is very shy and never wants to hug or kiss me in public. He took me to Formentera, which is full of paparazzi, I had never been there and I didn't know it. When we were on the beach we always had the sunbeds far away and he never kissed me. The tears I made! Then I realized he was just shy!

Verissimo – The Stories then continued with interviews with Patty Pravo, Bruno Barbieri, Ambra Angiolini, Sabrina Ferilli and Carlo Verdone, as well as with the unforgettable curtain between Fiorello and Silvia Toffanin.

As usual, between one interview and another, space was left for the video messages of the VIPs: Leo Gassman, Katia Follesa and Angelo Pisani spoke. Then Elisabetta Canalis, who told of her life in Los Angeles and Filippo Magnini and Giorgia Palmas, who spoke instead of their magical moment:

This is our big surprise, we are really very happy and excited. Despite everything, we are experiencing an unforgettable and indescribable period and time. We were at home like everyone else: this allowed us to fully enjoy this period.

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