Verissimo – The Stories, the message of Michele Bravi: after the pain the rebirth to Amici

A Verissimo the singer told his experience after the tragic accident and the rebirth thanks to Special Friends

New appointment for Verissimo – The Stories: Silvia Toffanin, who has totally rethought the program by mixing old interviews and current video messages from our VIPs, has proposed the intervention of Michele Bravi.

The young singer, just last February, had broken the silence at Verissimo, opening his heart to the presenter: Michele – still tried – told the effort and the difficulty of recovering from that great pain that hit him hard, after the accident that saw him involved.

Well done, on November 22, 2018, returning home from the rehearsals of his tour, he was involved in a bad accident, in the course of which a woman lost her life. A long path that saw him reborn slowly, after a "deafening" silence that compromised every aspect of his life:

When you experience a trauma your body changes and the way you see things. I couldn't hear the others. I was simply somewhere else, I had lost track of reality. Getting used to the absence of sound for me, who has always told me what I lived through music, was very difficult.

Michele Bravi also said that he had recourse to the help of a professional: recognizing that he could not do it alone, he faced a therapeutic path to overcome that trauma. On that occasion, the artist had thanked all the people who took care of him in those difficult months, including his friend and colleague Chiara Galiazzo, who managed to bring him back to sing on stage.

Immediately after the old interview, a new video message from the singer for Silvia Toffanin was broadcast: the boy, who returned to TV in recent weeks participating in Amici Speciale, appeared much more serene and with a positive attitude, decidedly different than the last February:

Hi Silvia, some time has passed since our last chat: the whole story we had during that interview took the form of music, a ten-song record that tells my "geography of the dark".

Bravi also recounted his experience in the talent of Maria De Filippi – who strongly wanted him in the program and helped him on the path after the accident – where he also had the opportunity to make part of his new work heard:

Here at Amici I had the opportunity to tell a little preview of this musical journey, specifically a song, The short life of confetti. With this song I think I managed to give the right space of pain, and being able to sing it in this context confirmed to me how much music is a huge presence in my life.

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