Veronica Ciardi, the pain of the ex gieffina on Instagram for the death of her father: "Forever yours"

Veronica Ciardi, the pain of the ex gieffina on Instagram for the death of her father: "Forever yours"

Veronica Ciardi, ex gieffina and companion of Bernardeschi, tells the pain of the death of her father on Instagram

Veronica Ciardi talks about her grief about the death of her father on Instagram. The ex gieffina and companion of Federico Bernardeschi, a famous footballer, vented himself on social media, writing a long letter dedicated to the missing parent. In the past, Mr. Ettore and Veronica had experienced a stormy relationship that had improved after Ciardi's participation in Big Brother. A beautiful bond that she herself told on Instagram, without hiding the suffering caused by such an important loss.

"I have never experienced such a deep pain – confessed Veronica -. It seems almost unnatural to me, both physical and emotional. I feel the soul writhing inside my body and I feel pain. I want to write all this maybe a little to let it flow, maybe it will lessen. What do you do in these cases? Do you wait? Do I rely on time? I really don't know. All I know is that this trip must teach us something. I know that love is the matrix and also the means, that attachment to matter does not matter because everything sooner or later vanishes. The spirit counts, we should feel more, feel more. We are made of light and we should recognize it. We should donate it. This is the meaning. We live clouded, we believe ourselves immortal. In this life we ​​are not. Maybe later we will be, but here … now … no. "

"So what? What do we waste time doing in the futile? We should only give love – added Veronica Ciardi -. This I feel. And I feel this in the darkest moment of my life. So it's true … where there is dark there is also light. Papo I totally rely on you. In this rather confused monologue of mine (maybe), I think and I hope I let it flow a little. Remember that I spent all my time emulating you, loving you, dreaming like you, talking like you. We have been a powerful and wonderful love relationship, a relationship that cannot be explained. "

"So now please give me your hand because I don't know how to do it – concluded Veronica -. And I promise you that I will try to bring love to as much as I can wherever I go. I will seek the meaning every day by not letting myself be fooled by the superfluous. I also promise you that I will continue to travel and discover pieces of the world, as we did together. But you ?, give me your hand. I love you. Forever Yours. In every breath. In every moment. In eternity (little papo) ".

Many joined Veronica's grief, commenting on the Instagram post. Not only the followers, but also several VIP friends, from Margherita Zanatta to Davide Tresse, up to Guendalina Tavassi. Far from the spotlight and very reserved, Veronica Ciardi has been linked for several years to Federico Bernardeschi from whom she had her first child.

Veronica Ciardi InstagramVeronica Ciardi Instagram

Veronica Ciardi – Source: Instagram

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