Veronica Maya, the gaffe live in Italy she does

Veronica Maya, the gaffe live in Italy she does

Veronica Maya, with Italy doing, has proven to be an excellent hostess. Speaking of Naples, however, he committed a gaffe that did not go unnoticed

Veronica Maya, in a few days, has proven to be an excellent hostess by guiding Italy doing on Rai Due. With guests, interesting interventions and services, in fact, the presenter managed to make herself appreciated and to involve the public at home. This time, however, she stumbled upon a gaffe that has not gone unnoticed and that has sparked the irony of most viewers.

Veronica Maya has returned to conducting a program of her own with L'Italia che Fa, a program that, from the beginning of June, aims to tell the stories that showcase the beauty and solidarity of our country and the testimonies of those who commit themselves to others and for the good of the community.

We will make this trip to Italy together with the good news – said Maya, who presented the program – in Italy for those who know how to lend a hand, to those who offer a hand. We are waiting for you with wonderful stories, large and small communities, which make Italy a wonderful country.

But it is precisely speaking of Italy that an error was made that the public immediately noticed. And, with the famous song by Lucio Dalla Caruso in the background, a screen with a geographical map appeared behind the presenter's shoulders:

We will go to Naples – said Veronica Maya at the beginning of the broadcast – I always say it with a certain smile, but it will be granted to me because it is my city.

What shows the map behind the ignorant host, however, contains a big mistake: the Neapolitan city, to which Veronica Maya is extremely attached, is positioned in the center of Italy, more precisely on the coasts of the Lazio region, erroneously indicated as Campania, north of Rome. A blunder that sparked the irony of web users:

I thought I was the only one who didn't know anything about geography – wrote one user – and instead …

Veronica Maya, committed to introducing the service to viewers, actually did not realize at all the error present on the graphics behind her and, for the duration of the program, did not mention it. Once the conductor becomes aware of what happened behind her, will she apologize for the gaffe committed involuntarily?

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