Veronica Maya: «With the Social Diet I lost the kilos given away by

The presenter Veronica Maya, 44, had gained several kilos with her third child. She lost them all by participating in the social group of new mothers, with which she shared the slimming path. Here she tells herself to Feel good.

260180In 2016 Katia was born, a beautiful baby after two boys. During pregnancy I had gained over 15 kilos and after the birth they were six remained “attached”. I wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible, return to my forms of show girl and TV personality who, like it or not, has to take care of their image a lot.

Thanks to my work, I had already met in person Professor Rossi and the coach Jill Cooper whom I highly esteemed. So I decided to join the Social diet, to get out of the isolation that the puerperium imposes on you and confront myself within the group of new mothers. Every day I connected to the Facebook page to comment and try recipes (I love cooking), share the results with other mothers or, why not, any mistakes.

Sometimes I asked those who managed and moderated the group to change some ingredients, in accordance with my tastes and my family. They answered me immediately and I was happy to experiment with new dietary and healthy dishes. The support of the group, then, is priceless.

As a public figure, I was the subject of questions, curiosities and encouragement to lose weight, even though many told me I didn’t need it. The beauty of participating in a “virtual club” of new mothers is to be able to explore other topics that we have in common: babies, baby food, weaning, bedtime, diapers. We weren’t fixated only on diet but also exchanged advice on our little ones. And it is easier to cross the line of losing weight if the effort is collective.

In a few months I lost the extra six kilos, and without effort. What to say? If I had a fourth child, I would immediately do the Social Diet again, to regain a healthy weight.