Vertigo and anemia, how they are connected and what to do

Vertigo and anemia, how they are connected and what to do

There are many reasons that can cause dizziness. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains some of these mechanisms

Why is it difficult to talk about vertigo? The pathological feeling of losing balance can develop for many reasons. For example, those who suffer from atherosclerosis or in any case have a deficit of microcirculation, the vascular damage can affect the areas responsible for the discrimination of nerve signals coming from the periphery of the body which are located in different areas of the central nervous system.

Anemia and dizziness

If there are deficits in these areas, it can also have a reflection in terms of dizziness. In fact, even slight vascular damage or in any case even insufficient blood supply to the neurons specialized in this function can trigger the disorder. Nerve cells need constant nourishment, especially glucose and oxygen which are carried by the blood. Therefore, a deficit of microcirculation can cause localized and imperceptible deficiencies which are however able to unbalance the normal functioning of these control areas.

This mechanism can be called into question in the forms of severe anemia because the hemoglobin that carries oxygen inside the red blood cells is insufficient. Not only that, in some cases the damage is not only and exclusively linked to circulation, but also to the insufficiency of neurotransmitters, the compounds that allow the passage of nerve signals from one neuron to another. The body's adaptation response that normally activates in a few thousandths of a second in these cases may be a little delayed and therefore leaves for a moment the feeling of loss of balance.

The doctor's opinion

In the brain, dizziness can arise in those who are particularly anxious. In this case the limbic system comes into play.

For all these reasons, the advice is to talk to your doctor if you suffer from vertigo, there are many causes and there are many approaches that according to the mechanism that causes the disorder must be implemented.

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