Very true, Alba Parietti remembers her mother and has a thought for her former partner

Alba Parietti

To Verissimo Alba Parietti told her being a daughter and a mother, making Silvia Toffanin move

In Verissimo da Silvia Toffanin's living room, Alba Parietti has arrived to indulge in a very intimate interview.

Alba recently appeared on TV as the sweet and apprehensive mother of Francesco Oppini, currently a competitor at GF Vip. The Parietti, in fact, in this period has shown itself on TV in an unusually sweet guise compared to how the public had accustomed until today.

Recently, mother Alba met Francesco right outside the red door of the most spied house in Italy, indulging in affectionate and proud declarations for her son.

Alba told Toffanin as a mother, but also as a daughter, inviting everyone not to have regrets towards their parents especially in this historical period and to make that gesture of affection towards our loved ones that we too often postpone. A topic that touched in a particular way and moved the sweet Silvia Toffanin who recently lost her mother.

After the emotion, Parietti talked about her book, which debuts in these days of November, "The narcissus hunter", recommending reading it especially to women, to learn how to defend themselves from narcissistic men: she herself declared to have known so many.

During the interview, then, Alba touched another sore point: the recent death of Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea, with whom she had a long relationship in the past, and it was the first time that Parietti spoke of her former partner. in public. The prince, a descendant of the Florio family, died on 11 October at the age of 74 struck down by an incurable disease.

He was my point of reference, my best friend

Alba confessed that due to the health emergency situation currently affecting our country, it was not possible for her to be next to Giuseppe in the last moments, as she would have liked to do.

The book he wrote is dedicated to him, even if Alba specified that Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea was very different from the kind of men he talks about in the pages of his writing, keeping only sweet and important memories of past life for the ex. together.

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