Very true: Alessio Boni, Sabrina Ferilli and the other guests of Silvia Toffanin

Very true: Alessio Boni, Sabrina Ferilli and the other guests of Silvia Toffanin

From Alessio Boni to Sabrina Ferilli, all the guests of the new episode of "Verissimo"

Alessio Boni and Sabrina Ferilli are some of the guests of the new episode of Verissimo. The show hosted by Silvia Toffanin will air on April 3 with many interviews and exciting moments. Starting at 3.30 pm, the presenter will host many famous people, such as Max Pezzali, who will unveil a preview of Max90, a book dedicated to her journey and to the myths that marked a generation in the nineties.

In the studio also Fabio Volo, actor and writer, who will talk about the film Parents vs Influencers. The film marks the acting debut of Giulia De Lellis, influencer and former partner of Andrea Damante. There will also be Alessio Boni, beloved actor who has recently become Lorenzo's father, the result of his love for Nina Verdelli to whom he has been linked for some time.

Among the guests there will be Anna Mazzamauro, the famous Miss Silvani from Fantozzi, and Francesca Michielin, fresh from the success of Chiamami per nome, a piece presented in Sanremo with Fedez. At Verissimo there will also be a space dedicated to the Island of the Famous with the intervention of the three commentators of the broadcast: Elettra Lamborghini, Tommaso Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi. Finally, Sabrina Ferilli and Ettore Bassi, the two protagonists of Svegliati amore mio, a fictional audience of Canale Cinque will intervene in the talk show.

“It is a film that unites many families who experience this problem – Ferilli said a few days ago, speaking of the fiction that tells of Nana's courage, the fight against leukemia and more -. Just look at the incidence of leukemia on the kids who live near these factories. Nanà is a mother in a family made up of three people: she, her husband Sergio, a worker in the nearby steel mill, and her daughter Sara, twelve. A simple family – Nanà works as an employee in a small hairdressing shop – and a normal life. But when little Sara falls ill with leukemia, after a first moment of darkness and pain Nana decides to react and start a battle against "the monster", the steel mill that she believes is responsible for the disease ".

“And little by little he manages to involve the whole community – he added -, which is also intimidated and frightened. Many things happen: feelings that jump, relationships that are put in crisis, doubts and fears. It is a story of love for oneself, for one's family and for one's community. It is always love that saves people's lives. The choice that Nana will make is to go ahead, discovering the truth. The truth is always a gift, which is given to oneself and to others ”.

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