Very true, Ambra Angiolini recalls the love for Francesco Renga: "He always laughed"

Very true, Ambra Angiolini recalls the love for Francesco Renga: "He always laughed"

Ambra Angiolini tells of her relationship with Francesco Renga and reminds Verissimo of their love that saved her from bulimia

Guest of Verissimo, Ambra Angiolini remembers her love for Francesco Renga and tells of the bond with Massimiliano Allegri. The former star of Non è la Rai confessed in Silvia Toffanin's living room on the occasion of the release of her book in which she reveals the battle against bulimia. An inner monster she has fought against for years and which she managed to defeat thanks to her daughter Jolanda and her love for Renga.

A love story, the one with Francesco, born in 2004 and ended ten years later, marked by the birth of the children Jolanda and Leonardo. To Verissimo, Ambra told of having fought against bulimia for some time and of having defeated it thanks to love. “Eating was the way to vent my inability to ask for help – he told Verissimo -. I've always tried to hurt myself and never hurt others. At some point, you can no longer see clearly what is going on outside. The whole path is dark and light, you have moments of great happiness alternating with moments of total despair. But when you also lose the reason why it happens, there you begin to have a fear that leads you to look for something else without ever getting tired, until, but not for everyone, the happy ending arrives ".

Angiolini overcame bulimia in 2008 when Jolanda, the eldest daughter, arrived in her life. “She made my belly suddenly become the most welcoming and full place on earth – he recalled -. At a time when I never wanted it to happen, I had to carry it inside for nine months until my most beautiful miracle came out ”. Ambra and Francesco Renga have been separated for years now, but their bond is still very strong. The actress remained to live in Brescia, the city she had moved to for him, and today they live nearby. “Francesco was bulimic with smiles, he always laughed – he explained -. I understood that we had something in common, we took hands and recognized ourselves ”.

Ambra Angiolini is currently linked to Massimiliano Allegri. A discreet and more mature love that the two have lived since 2017 and that they have always protected from gossip. “He gave me the time to do one of the things I am most proud of in my entire professional life: write a book – he revealed -. It left me the opportunity to think of nothing but my story ".

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