Very true, Anna Tatangelo tells how things stand today with Gigi D’Alessio

Anna Tatangelo, the sweet dedication to dad on Instagram

"Today we are serene", Anna Tatangelo speaks for the first time about Gigi D'Alessio since the end of their story. And he does it from Silvia Toffanin

Anna Tatangelo speaks for the first time after the end of their love affair with Gigi D’Alessio, which lasted 15 years, and how things stand between them. And he chose Verissimo's living room to talk about the difficulties of separation and the desire to go back to life.

In the episode of Saturday 1st May, Anna Tatangelo therefore confesses to Silvia Toffanin what her feelings are now and how are her relations with Gigi D’Alessio with whom she lived a great story from which her son Andrea was born.

So, to Verissimo, Tatangelo describes her relationship with D'Alessio as follows: "For me it was a very important story. There remains the awareness of having tried – and he continues – there was the phase of failure, especially when there are children in the midst, but life goes on. Today we are serene ”.

To Silvia Toffanin, who asks her if she has made mistakes, the cantate replies: “We all make mistakes. I believed so much in our story even when they said it would end. I went against everything and everyone, I am proud of this – and she adds – I am very happy because, regardless of whether it is over, I have my son Andrea, the most important thing in the world ”.

After a difficult period, today Tatangelo seems to have found a new serenity: “Today I am finally calm. It's not easy to get out of such a long and painful separation with a child asking questions. We must always be ready to listen and not to hurt anyone to protect the other party as well. It's not nice to harm each other ”.

Finally, on the desire to have another child in the future, Anna has no doubts: “Absolutely yes, I'm only 34 years old. I never stop thinking about beautiful things ".

Recently Anna Tatangelo showed her musical knowledge by participating in the program hosted by Enrico Papi on Tv8, Name That Tune, where Sora's singer impressed with her skill and beauty, showing off breathtaking looks such as the deep-necked dress or the red jumpsuit.

Among the other guests of Silvia Toffanin in the episode of Verissimo on May 1st, we find Lorella Boccia and Leonardo Lamacchia of Amici.

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