Very true, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser: "We want to become parents"

Cecilia Rodriguez

To "Verissimo" Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser talked about their love and their desire to become parents

A fairytale love that of Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, who told each other in the living room of Verissimo.

The two are about to become Luna Marie's uncles: in fact, Belen is expecting a baby girl from her partner Antonino Spinalbese, and there is a lot of emotion in the family:

I must say that we really wanted Santi so much and now we wanted a little girl so much. I was convinced it was a boy and when I saw these pink balloons around the house I couldn't believe it! We are all very excited: we buy dresses, shoes, I imagine how I will style it.

Obviously, Toffanin could not miss the opportunity to ask if, in addition to the happiness for the sweet expectation of Belen, the will to become parents is also planned. The first to speak is Ignatius, who lets himself go to a confession:

Yes … We have been wanting to be parents for a long time. But you know it's not a two-minute thing, so we're working on it.

Then Cecilia also intervened, who explained that she has always had the desire to become a mother, even if for someone like her, with her head on her shoulders, it is not easy to feel ready:

When I want to do things I want to do them well, I always stop and think a lot. The desire is there, but I think it will come when the time is right.

And if on the one hand there is the desire to expand the family, on the other the couple recounted Cecilia's meeting with Ignazio's parents. The two lovers, after the adventure at Big Brother Vip and the consequences of their love born within the walls of the House, were afraid that this could compromise the relationship. And instead, after having spent the lockdown all together in Trento, Cecilia won the heart of the Mosers: “I'm almost their daughter now. I wanted to prove that I am a woman to marry, that I am ready! ”Rodriguez joked.

There were moments of emotion: first with the memory of Aldo Moser, Ignazio's uncle, almost a grandfather to him ("For us he has always been a reference figure, he was the first to ride a bike", said ), and then the messages from Argentina from Cecilia's aunt, Maria Josè, and from best friend Nadia. Moved Cecilia confessed:

They are an important piece of my life (…). I have a great nostalgia. Argentina is my land, I have my life there even though I feel great here and everything I've always wanted is here. I miss them, I've always been very attached to them.

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