Very true, Cristina Marino confirms the wedding with Argentero and talks about the second pregnancy

Verissimo, Cristina Marino conferma le nozze con Argentero e parla della seconda gravidanza

To Verissimo, Cristina Marino confesses that she has already received the marriage proposal from Luca Argentero. And already thinks of a second child

The beautiful Cristina Marino is back in Verissimo, but this time without her baby bump: the actress was a guest of Silvia Toffanin to update the public on her life as a new mother together with her partner Luca Argentero, telling so many news.

A real journey among many emotions that of Cristina, who told how she lived the birth with a smile, but also with a lot of fear. An experience that was really worth it, according to the actress herself, who gave her Nina Speranza, the little girl born at the end of May 2020.

I was very lucky for two days to have Luca next door. I remember that as soon as Nina left, Luca said 'she is beautiful'. It was amazing. It was an inexplicable emotion. I was completely dazed, but I remember the moment they gave me Nina, I forgot the fear and pain I felt.

Cristina is really in love with her Luca, so much so that she never missed an opportunity to praise him, as an incredible dad: “Luca is a mammo. I believe that at 40, becoming a father to a man is the culmination of an already wonderful life – said the actress -. When I got home after giving birth, she made me find a series of gifts. Luca is special in surprises, I think he is a unique soul. Anyone who meets him sees his light, his beauty. "

Nina, therefore, did nothing but crown a love story that was already wonderful. Cristina and Luca, in fact, met on the set of the film Holidays in the Caribbean and then meet again some time later. From that moment their love story took off without ever stopping.

From cohabitation to the birth of the first child, only marriage is missing. But even this, Luca and Cristina have already thought about it: the actress, in fact, admitted to having received the proposal from her partner at the beginning of her pregnancy, but then they had to postpone due to the health emergency.

Before I gave birth, Luca had surprisingly decided to marry, but then they closed Italy and jumped. We will calmly get married before next summer. I would like it to be a party of love.

The Milanese actress also confirmed to Silvia Toffanin what she had already declared in an old interview, namely her desire to expand the family with other children: "Soon Nina will have a little brother or a little sister. We will not do it immediately, but in a while we will apply. "

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