Very true, Elisabetta Canalis is moved: the relationship with mother Bruna

Verissimo, Elisabetta Canalis si commuove: il rapporto con mamma Bruna

Elisabetta Canalis spoke to "Verissimo" about her great love for Brian Perri and her relationship with her parents

Silvia Toffanin hosted Elisabetta Canalis in her Saturday afternoon program: the showgirl who now lives between Italy and the United States, spoke to Verissimo about her great love for Brian Perri and her relationship with her parents.

A deep bond and an intense feeling the one with the surgeon, and which totally upset his life:

I am a very lucky person, because it is true that I waited before finding the right person, but this waiting has been rewarded. I don't think there is a better person than him as a husband.

A love that has grown over time and that has become more and more alive and profound, despite the difficulties. In fact, Elisabetta Canalis left her job, friends and family to go to another country: a decision she has never regretted, but which is not always easy to carry on: "Today I say I made the right choice, despite suffering: I miss my family, my mom doesn't see my daughter growing up “.

The showgirl obviously could not fail to talk about Skyler, the fruit of love with Brian, one of the greatest joys of her life: "In my eyes there is so much of my dad in her eyes". Cesare, Elisabetta's father, passed away in 2017, during a vacation in Los Angeles to visit his daughter:

It was hard … But unfortunately it is life, I'm happy to have had the opportunity to have physically greeted him, even living so far away. I had a more detached relationship with him, but in the last moments of his life I was the one who was closest to him.

Silvia Toffanin then managed to make Canalis move with a surprise video of her mother Bruna:

My mom is very strong. (…) Surely she is sorry because I am not here, and I think I made the choice to go to the United States too lightly. If I had known what distance is, perhaps I would have thought about it more. But she has never made me weigh it, she keeps everything inside.

Their bond intensified even more after the disappearance of their father. The two built a life together, and it was not easy for her to get up after the pain of the loss: "I always tell my mom that she must be happy with the life she is living, because if my dad could have had only one day of health that she has, she would have lived it to the fullest ”.

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